Adult expo

My husband and I were in Las Vegas last January for a little get-away. He’s a huge porn fan and I’m not. That’s why I was more than a little angry at him when I realized he had timed our get-away with a porn expo called the AVN adult expo. He also had secured a couple of free VIP passes, which would get us in the door ahead of the rest of the public. After my anger subsided I decided I may as well go along with it and join him.
Well we got in there and walked around while he salivated over porn actresses and made a complete asshole of himself.
At that point I decided I had had enough and went to grab some lunch at a nice Japanese restaurant in the hotel.
I ordered some sushi and decided to have a couple of drinks. There were two guys sitting at the next table and they asked if I was alone. I told them about my husband and they started laughing and also said they were both adult film actors.
They invited me to join them and I declined at first. They sent over a couple of more drinks my way and I was flattered as they were both gorgeous guys. They asked me to join them in the bar after lunch and I took them up on their offer. I figured if my husband could go around salivating over porn actresses I could talk to these two nice looking guys as well. Turn about is fair play in my books.
After I paid for the lunch I made my way over to the bar and sat on a couch.
The two guys saw me and came over and sat on either side of me.
I laughed uncomfortably but was again over the moon that these two hunks were paying this much attention to me.
We talked a bit and then one of the guys asked if I watched porn.
I said not really and he asked if I was interested in seeing him and his friend in one of their movies. I said sure.
He picked up how phone and showed me a scene he was in with this other guy and a woman.
It was the two guys screwing this older woman in every conceivable position on a pool deck in some exotic looking place.
He then put his hand on my knee and said what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
I texted my husband to ask him what his plans were and he said he was gonna to hang around the convention hall for a few more hours.
When I showed this to one of the guys, he said to tell my husband that I had a headache and was heading back to the hotel.
I laughed at first but then in my quite tipsy state realized that I wasn’t getting any younger and my husband no longer showed any interest in me.
I was still a beautiful woman with a great body, so I made the decision at that point to send the text as he suggested.
At that point he put his hand between my legs and started playing with my pussy. His friend leaned over and kissed me. I kissed him back immediately and got incredibly turned on.
He put my hand in his crotch while his friend fingered me.
I orgasmed on the spot as I felt his dick through his pants. It wasn’t even completely hard and I filled my hand when I squeezed it.
At that point they asked if I wanted to come to their room, as they were sharing a suite.
I said yes and we headed out of the bar and into an elevator. We were alone in the elevator and as soon as the doors closed they both started kissing me on the neck. I almost passed out from excitement.
When we got into their room and closed the door I started kissing with one guy while he guided my hand to his now erect dick. I was literally the biggest dick I’ve ever felt in my life.
His friend did the same thing and his cock was equally big.
Next while continuing to kiss me they both pulled their cocks out and I went to my knees immediately without even thinking.
I sucked both their dicks for what seemed like a long time. Whenever I blow my husband he comes in seconds so this was incredible.
They both told me that I was a great cock sucker and I felt really amazing that they would consider me good at oral, given that they both work in porn.
After a while on my knees they got me to my feet and walked me over to a really nice sitting area which overlooked the Vegas strip.
We all sat on the couch with me in the middle. I continued blowing one guy while the other one got up in the couch in my hands and knees. He started to fuck men from behind. I came like I had never come before.
They then proceeded to fuck me in every position imaginable and I even licked both of their asses.
I asked them both to come on my face and after fucking me for what seemed like hours, they both obliged me and came on my face almost at the same time. Their stamina was truly amazing and their come came out in a powerful way, shooting all over my face and hair.
After that I just collapsed on the floor completely exhausted.
I showered and left the two men, never to see them again. They offered to see me again by I quickly declined, thinking this was a one time thing and I want prepared to scrap my marriage for this.

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  • Tl;dr: husband went to porn convention, while wife fucked a couple of porn actors.

  • You should talk your husband into watching their videos with you👌

  • Not likely! Lol

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