The Gym

I train at a small gym. I’m also a physical therapist, and will often use the massage room to work out the kinks for my clients after a rough training seesion.

I do it for men and women. The men don’t mind and always hit on me. I tell them they’re not my type, but I’ve been known to jerk them off every so often just for the fun of it.

The women are fragile and have sore muscle often, so I have a few clients that need help with a quick rub down on a regular basis.

One day one of them, a 30ish woman, who I’d trained for about two months, told me she and her husband hadn’t had sex in six months and she asked if I could recommend a good vibrator.

As I stretched her, I had her lie on her stomach, and chatted her up about what she wanted from the toy. She likes penetration, and wanted him to play with her ass.

I was in heaven. Her little shorts road up and I could see the outline of her thong, I worked on her left hamstring and casually slid my hand over, and into her shorts. She didn’t move, so I rubbed her ass a little as I kept talking, asking her what she liked. She talked to me like she was directing me, telling me what to do with my hand, so I followed her lead. Soon my fingers were inside her wet pussy, deep inside, and I fingered Her fast and hard until she came on them. Three fingers in, and my other hand squeezing her ass on the outside of her shorts.

She upped her training to four days a week and I est her pussy every time, and now she eats mine too.

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  • You both lucky girls... I’m getting wet reading this I’m jealous.

  • I could always train you if you live in Atlanta. ❤️

  • I really liked your post it did lots for me there is no experience like girl on girl,
    my first lesbian experience was with my aunt, she use to work for a chiropractor he gave her some training but it didn't continue, she did massages from home, I think she was doing happy endings, I went to see her about a back strain, she said strip to your bra and pants on second thoughts its bets to take everything off in case I get oil on them, she sat and watched me stripping, you should not watch a client dress or undress because its a sexual act, but I didn't mind I had done it before in front of her and liked it, I had had a massage before from her but her hands were working differently on me she was sexually stimulating me, she asked about my boyfriend and had I been naughty, I went silent, she said come on you can tell me ime a friend as well as an aunt so told her she dragged all the details out of me which made me very wet, then she said have you had a girl I replied not yet, her hands kept sliding over my bottom and easing my cheeks apart, I felt a finger slip in my vagina sorry she said, I parted my legs she put two fingers in my vagina and rubbed my arsehole with her thumb I was in haven, she turned me on my back and went down on me and gave me a new experience an arsehole licking,
    I now visit her twice a week

  • That makes me very very wet I would love to meet someone like that I think I would be her slave

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