I want to share

My wife and I have been married for 8 years know. Go thou with she loves the thou of a gang bang but she's to shy to I need help we don't know anyone is part of the problem

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  • My wife and I started at the nude beaches.

  • Ok let me help you serious advice listen up. You need to be very very careful. If she really is shy, that's the worst. If you do something like sharing, she may come out of her shell, and become addicted to those types of thrills. It's a very real risk. You need to start off very very slow. And make sure it's very clear that what happens is only sexual in nature, u may lose her. Craigslist can be a great place to find people, depending on where you live. Always do drinks first but not too much. Has she been with other men before you? You really need to find the right guy, that's the most important part. I'd love to help you, i am very experienced with these types of things. It can ruin relationships. I would drink with you guys and talk to u girl and try talking her into sucking my cock. That's when you get the feel for how everyone is feeling when that question comes up, at least in my experience, that's what cucks usually like seeing the first time. Good luck and let me know how things go.

  • Your spot on dude.

  • She has tried it before she tells me it didn't last more then 5 mins and they both had small. C..ks. We use toys and talk about it all the time we try Craig's list but ended up talking to someone we knew so that set us back. We live in upstate ny. All I really now now is that it make her so wet. Talking about it. And your right I want to do this right.

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