I can't help fantasize with my next door neighbor

I can't help fantasize with my next door neighbor. She says hi and bye each time we see each other, but she does not know I want her badly. I do not know how to approach her, but soon enough I will have no choice.

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  • Every time my one hot neighbor's dog jumped the fence and ended up in my yard, I'd have to take him back. Would knock on the door, and see Kelly, a hot, mid-30s woman with a fit body, long, auburn hair, and just so damn beautiful. Only problem was, she was also a bit of a bitch.

    Whenever I'd take the dog back, I'd eye her up and down, thinking about what I'd DO to her if had the chance. She opened the door one time in a partially-open robe (I must have woken her up), and my mind just screamed "rip that robe off of her!". Still see her in the yard sometimes, but, since the don't have the dog anymore, my chances to get up-close to eye her up are limited. Still think about her, though..

  • For nearly a year I have been fantasizing bout my neighbor who's 12 years my senior and last week end it all came to head. We were just talking over a cup of coffee and he came up behind me took hold of my breasts and started in kissing my neck and started in telling me hoe he has had these fantasies about me and when he turned me around and took one of my nipples between his lips and began sucking on me I lost it. All my reservations left my body and we had sex in just about every room of the house over and over for almost six hours, god what a man.

  • I have the same problem. My sexy married neighbor is about 5'-7" and 135 lbs. She has long sexy legs and is currently on disability due to work related. My wife and I have actually went on vacations several times with this couple and I'm always masturbating while thinking about having sex with this married woman. I'm about 8 years older than her. Im retired and so is my wife, so I see my neighbor all the time during the summer laying out in her bikini getting a tan and then also while we're on vacation with them. Well, this last time we were all on vacation in Florida in August 2014. My wife had already gone to bed and my neighbor (I'll call Ann) was still up as was her husband. Ann was wondering around in the kitchen in her night robe. I was lying down on one end of the couch and her hubby sitting on other end all into his I-Pad. While I was lying there in some very loose fitting gym shorts with my legs slightly parted, I adjusted my dick so that it could be very noticeable if she happen to walk over to the back of the couch or walked in front of me. I look up and she was actually already standing there while I was making my adjustments for her to view. She never made any acknowledgement, but I started getting very hard after I noticed her standing there. Nothing never happened the rest of the week, but since that time I have house sitted for them and have enjoyed masturbating with her panties pulled down over my face with her crotch right in my mouth. Had to cum on one pair and placed them back in her drawer to wear someday. Hoping someday I get the opportunity to plunge my dick between her thighs and enjoy her fruits.

  • I really hope it happens for you!

  • I've written a few times about my neighbor.
    It's difficult to try and behave when you're constantly lusting after someone.
    I make it a point to be outside when she is, and talk to her whenever I can about anything just to watch her body move from behind dark shades.

    I think she's straight laced, but if she ever gives me an inch, I'm pouncing on her!

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