Who is telling the truth

My mate has finally got himself another girlfriend after his divorce and it seems like everything is going well for him.
We all meet up once a week for a night out and we also catch up during the week separately.
My mate tells me his gf is so different to his ex wife when it comes to sex, she likes doing this and that and is always up for it, sex couldn’t be any better he said.
Yet when my gf meets his gf she has mentioned about my mate not being anything like he says it is, the complete opposite.
His gf is not happy, limp erection, unable to perform and not willing to try anything different.

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  • WGAF?

  • Why do you care lol? Why don't you offer him a blowjob and find out? I just don't understand

  • What male would share he has a limp erection? I say she is the truthful one.

  • She's telling the truth and your mate is lying. Dudes lie about shit like that more than chicks.

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