On holiday

Ì was in spain not too long ago with 2 of my friends that iv worked with for the past 2 year so on the 3rd night we kinda got lost and ended up near a gay bar we didn't no until we order drinks so we ran out so went few bars and bought some alcohol back.

Went back to are hotel and we got wasted
My mate decided to take his top and we was talking the my other mate tickling him and we just messing around after we got hot and sweaty so after a while we took a shower separately I was the last 1 done and when I come back these lot are sitting in their towel and wer just looking at each other saying how nice are body hair is.

1 of my mate decide to pull mines and my friend towel off and wer their butt naked tryna hide are dick then my mate goes to my friend I will give u £20 each other if u touch each other dick so we did but at the same time all 3 of us had a hard on from it.

Both my mate said it 3am nobody awake nobody around let's have some gay sex
I was like wah seriously my other mate said I wouldn't mind sucking if we keep it between us only I go fair enough so we all agree.

So me and my other friend tag team are other friend we sucked each other tasted each other cum till today we meet up to have sex then go back to are gf and share video of our sex tape with are gf

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  • You smell like dead carp.

  • Hiya baby

  • Cos your ugly as fuck

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