Salt Lake City

Not much of a confession but rather really a request or a question. I do some residential construction along the Wasatch Front in Utah. I am looking, basically to go down on a woman that needs some excitement without having full blown sex. I do a lot of traveling day to day and have some time off during the day and I am looking for a married or single lady that just need to step outside your routine. I am not looking for anything in return. In fact I am happy sitting and talking if that's all you need. I just need to break MY routine before I go crazy, I need to meet new people. Anyway I can send you my number but just reply in the comments and I will send it to you. ONLY gals from Utah and being Mormon would make it more fun for me. Thanks!

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  • Silly man, Mormon women do not let anyone eat their pussy, even if it looks so juicy and tasty with soft little blonde hairs. Like a nice peach with blonde fuzz.

  • I get that.... but ironically the first first pussy I tasted since I've moved here a few years a ago was a Morman woman. She peeled down those under garments and let me slide my tongue between her piece of heaven.

  • So why did you let her go ?

  • Because she was Mormon lol.

  • YEP! I munched mormon tid bits long ago and would dive right back in if i had the chance. She was a beast and NEEDED it badly. And she was so happy to return the favor in a way that my wife will never be able to do..... i should of converted back then!

  • Haha hopefully you get that shot again. It's like they appreciate sexual touch more than most women.

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