Watching me

My husband and I Own a business. We had a couple of store fronts for years, before moving solely online.

Our storefront had large windows- floor to ceiling. And we had coverings over them, The kind you could see out, but not in. When you walked into the store, you faced the counter and main displays. Behind those, another floor to wall window, with a door that led to the back room.

We’ve always been a couple who loved to explore together- push boundaries and try new things.

I made a suggestion that I find a random man off craigslist (remember those days) have him come to the store in the middle of the day, and fuck me. No names exchanged. Just a little fun. I wanted my husband to watch another man take me. But I didn’t want the man to know.

So on Craigslist I went in search of a man. We chatted for an afternoon, I told him work was a little slow, exchanged a couple of pictures and decided he would come over the next day and give me some entertainment.

While waiting for the man to show up, I set my husband up in a chair in the back room, knowing we had about 10 mins until this man showed up, I pull his pants down, get on my knees and start sucking his cock. I tell him to tell me what he wants to do to this man...

“I want to hear you gagging on another cock, spit on it.. make it messy”

His cock gets harder with anticipation...

“I want you to sit him in that chair in the corner, turn facing away from him and grind on him while looking towards me”... I can feel my pussy getting wet, almost dripping.

He’s SO hard in my mouth now, I slow down.. no cumming yet ;)

I hear the front door open with a beep..

I give husband a wink and walk out front.
I could tell it was him from the picture. “Lock the door and hit the light on the open sign.”

He walks towards me, grabs my arm and pulls me in. Hand on the back of my neck he starts kissing me. Deeply.

His hands first wander to my tits, he grabs them rough. I lift my arms, and he pulls my shirt hand he reaches around and un snaps my bra (he’s definitely done this before)
My hands run up the front of his shirt.. he’s fit. I take his shirt off and start to kiss my way down, reaching his belt i unhook it.. but don’t immediately pull it off.

I can see his bulge... I start to nibble and touch over his pants, as he has his hands tangled in my hair..

He pushes his pants down for me. His rock hard cock meets my lips. I play with the tip at first.. teasing a little. And then, as deep as I can I shove his throbbing cock to the back of my throat. Gagging. Hard. He likes this..
“Go over to the wall” he tells me.. he puts me against the wall, and pushes me down.. “ I'm going to fuck your throat, that okay?” I respond with a smile..
He starts off slow.. faster and faster, he gets rougher and deeper, my makeup is running down my face, my chest is wet from spit and saliva, he fucks it HARD.. I start to play with my pussy, so wet I can hear it.. my hand lifts up and he takes my fingers in his mouth.. Mmm sweet juices.

I pull away and point to the corner chair... sit down. I turn to face away from him, I’m watching that back window, knowing my man is watching is so exciting.. slowly lowering myself on his wet hard cock... it feels so good. And I make sure to say that, being very vocal in how much I’m enjoying this... his hands pull my hair pulling my head back as he sucks my neck, and my ear. Sending chills down my spine, I take his hands to my now rock hard nipples.. my clit is aching, I’m so close to cumming.. I start rubbing it... he grabs my hips and starts pulling me back.. deeper.. I explode all over him..

“Where do you want yours” he asks voice shaking..

I need it on my tits, and face.

He pushes me off, onto my knees... and unloads mostly on my face. So. Much.Cum..

Part of our deal was he leaves immediately after. So he starts dressing and heads for the door. I say thanks, and lock it behind him..

I’m still excited knowing my husband is waiting for me. I’ve always wanted a cuck. Didn’t know he had it in him. He’s far more reserved than me.

I walk back, he stands. I can tell he’s been edging. It’s the hardest I’ve ever felt his cock. He grabs me and starts licking my face. Holy fuck!! He’s cleaning me up... he’s getting rough now.. he abruptly stops, spins me around and says “you’re a good whore, bend over”

I’ve never been fucked so good in my life.

2 months ago


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    • My hot wife figured out guys at bars think they can fuck a married women pretty easy, especially if she's flirting at a hotel bar. I give her a long leash. She says her wedding ring is her tickets to free drinks. "Guys get me drunk for you, I love that" She tells them truthful we're trying to have a baby, we can do other things maybe -- dangling blowjob bait. When I see she's flirting with safe guys I go back to the room watch TV and snooze. I get a jealous anyway. This all ended 8 years ago when had a kid. About a year ago she found a naked picture of a soccer mom we know on my phone. Are you done fucking her, she asked. I said yes. (for now) -- "I have a confession -- at a ritzy hotel bar 10 years ago a good looking guy with a Rolex and well dressed was flirting. He bought a bottle of Dom. I dangled the blowjob line. he said lets go for a ride. The bartender knew him well, so I felt safe. I had enough Dom. He parked near the beach. I gave him a blowjob in his Bentley." What could I say after she found naked soccer (married too) mom on my phone.

    • Back in those days I slept with a lot of married women. I was often curious if the husbands knew, approved of or encouraged them to step out on them or if they had no clue.

      My favorite couple was where the husband was in the National Guard. He wanted a man to move in for the weekend each time he left for Drill. Sometimes he'd contact me in advance with requests for what he wanted me to make his wife do and other times it was left up to me. She was very mixed about it. There were times she was lukewarm and times where she was white hot.

    • Oh Justaguy the self admitted unicorn posted a fake story again!

    • You’re becoming a little obsessed wouldn’t you say. Time to get out of mommy’s basement and get some sunshine ;)

    • It is time for you to get real and face the fact that you are a sick fat bald virgin male!

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