My friends try to touch my girlfriend

I have always gone out for a drink with my male friends every Friday while my girlfriend meets her friends and we usually all end up coming back to our place for a chat and something to eat.

A few months ago we were back at the house having a drink when my girlfriend came back really drunk after a birthday party. She slumped down on the sofa between two of the guys, whilst I went in the kitchen to make coffee in an effort to sober her up. I wondered what was going on as I could hear her laughing and giggling in the room, so I hurried with the drinks.
When I came in, I noticed that the buttons on her top were unfastened. I should have said something right there, but made the mistake of pretending not to notice. Now they seem to think that it’s OK for them to touch her every time they come back to the house. They don’t even try to hide if from me any more. Last week I had to watch while she was sitting on the floor in front of the sofa watching TV while the guys took turns to slide their hand down her top and play with her breasts. She does nothing to stop them and she has stopped wearing a bra when she knows they are coming which encourages them even more.

I have spoken to her when we are alone and asked her to stop them, but she says it’s only a bit of harmless fun and when I mention it to my friends, they just make a joke about it, saying that I am lucky to have such a hot girlfriend. I don’t want to end my relationship or lose all my friends, but I can see things getting out of hand if I don’t put a stop to it somehow.

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  • Some guys would get off watching my self including me now. But when I was dating it would have enraged me if one of my " so-called friends" were to even think of doing something like that. As well as thinking my GF was allowing this to happen. So I can see where you're coming from.

    It seems neither your GF or your friends have a lot of respect for you. And your friends don't respect your GF either it's as if they think she's really easy. And if they'll sit in front of you feeling her up. What would happen if they were there and you weren't and she'd been drinking ? My guess they would feel her up get her hot and then take things further.

    If your GF is as comitted to your relationship as you are then if you set her down and tell her your staying together depends on her cleaning up her act and stop this behavior. If she'd rather let random guys grope her than be with you you need to cut your losses and kick her loose. You said she was hot and if thats the only thing keeping from putting your foot down. I can tell you you'd be much better off with a girl who might not be smokin hot but that respects you and herself. If your feeling for her are deeper I'd let her know and tell her you want to be with her but that there has to be mutual respect. In any case I'd set my " FRIENDS " down and give them the same ultimatum.

    How would your GF feel if you were fondling one of her friends breast in front of her? Or how would your friends feel " If they could get a GF " if you did that to there GF? It seem's as if your buddies cant land a girl so they want to share your's. And thats fine if your interested in that sort of thing. I know after getting married my wife and I got into swinging,but it was a mutual decision. But as you aren't interested in that I have to say they need to respect you on this or move on.

    Hope this help's and I hope things work out for you.


  • My husband got his bud's, to tease me a lot right down to taking hold of my breasts and playing with my nipples making me wetter than all get out, kissing my neck and whispering sweet words into my ears and kissing me in no holds barred.

    It seems like they have me for their pleasure and they try to get me totally crazy with sexual desire.

    Well last Sunday it happened. It was bound to they way they were carrying on with me, I didn't know they had undid my blouse and as per my husband request no bra and Wayne and Tom started in sucking on my nipples and their hand began to roam, well we ended up having sex for nearly five hours and both of them came in me way more than just once. God both of them are so much bigger and thicker than my husband and I thought I had died and went to heaven. I have never came so much before and just about 15 minutes ago my husband told me they were all coming over for the entire weekend to use our pool and play video games. God I won't lie I am looking forward to them again.

  • My BF wants me to flirt with his buds and he don't want me to wear a bra ever which leads to me getting felt up a lot even getting turned on more than I can handle.
    Well it's led to me getting trained by all five of his friend without his knowledge and daily getting serviced by one for the entire day, Saturday it's all five again and this has been going on for the past 7 months.

  • I'd love it if some of my friends stuck their hands down my fiancée's pants and felt up her virgin pussy. They've already seen pics of it "accidentally." I hope they rub her clit, and that one thing leads to another, and my greatest cuckold fantasy gets fulfilled.

  • Let her go, it’s hot as hell, wish my wife did that

  • Whdns the next tjme she will drink. Invite me.

  • Coming from an older well traveled guy, you don't know it but you have lost this girl. It's not if it's when. She has discovered attention and things she wants to explore and will leave you behind in time.

  • It’s already too late; things have moved on since my last post and reached a new level last weekend.

    My friends had started fondling my girlfriend when we are out in public and she openly encourages them. We had been to a club and drank quite a bit. My girlfriend had been dancing provocatively with all of us and the guys had their hands all over her. Then out of the blue she whispered to me that she wanted a threesome that night. I said no, but she told me it was too late it had been agreed.

    I felt sick for the rest of the night, knowing that I had no choice in the matter. She sat in the back of the taxi with them and they were all over her and for the first time she was kissing them passionately. As soon as we were back in the house, they had her tightly pressed between them, one in front and one behind. They couldn’t get her dress off fast enough and in a moment she was standing there completely naked as they continued to enjoy her body. I couldn’t believe how excited I felt seeing her perform with two men. She showed a level of arousal and pleasure that I had never witnessed when we made love together. I found myself willing them to use her in every way they could and before I knew it, I was also undressing and joining in. I have to say it was the most exciting and intense sex that I have ever experienced. She seemed insatiable that night. I don’t think that things will ever be the same after this.

  • This situation is six beers and three tequila shots away from your friends fingering your girlfriend's pussy and then gang banging her. If you do not want that to happen, shut this down now.

  • Why haven't you punched the daylights out of these fucks?

  • He's a kid and just doesn't get it. YET

  • Next time you see it happen grab your friend and feed him some shots till he gives us knocked out or bleeding. Then stop and offer him a beer or something just to act like what you did was normal. Gotta start acting like the alpha male in your own home, otherwise you're just a bitch

  • Hey when she starts Blowing them in front of you then say something until then it's harmless.

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