Deep in her belly

There's nothin like holding your wife's legs apart in the air while she's getting a belly full of come by some horny guy mountin her . Seein her face in ecsasty while I say baby tell me what u feel? And she says he's so much bigger than u baby my pussies takin a beatin . Absolutely nothin like itt .

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  • Wish my husband would let me do this

  • It’s the most intense experience of my life letting my best friend who is 10 1/4” long and 6 3/4” thick around pounding my wife’s pussy. Compared to my 5 3/4” long almost 5” around thick cock watching the expressions on my wife’s face. Hearing the sounds she makes and watching her body quiver and shake as she orgasms. She told me he’s the only man who has ever made her orgasm with his cock inside her pussy. I can make her cum with my tung but as she put it it’s a completely different experience. I love the fact she is so very open and honest, telling me his cock satisfies her completely. I don’t feel jealous it’s fun to watch and love letting her enjoy his cock several times a week. We have been doing this going on 16 years only awkward moment was our daughter coming home early catching us.

  • Ok so tell us more about getting caught. How old is your daughter? What were you both doing when the daughter saw you? How did you explain your way out of that one?

  • Our daughter was 12 yrs old at the time she walked by the room she was supposed to be staying the night at her friends house. But got into argument with her friend and came home we noticed her watching. My friend was pounding my wife while she was sucking my cock when we noticed her he pulled out. All the of us was in shock the two of us facing her our cocks rock hard and him between my wife’s legs. Her eyes was wide open big in shock it seemed like for ever everyone just froze before my wife said we thought you was staying the night with Angaline. Our daughter said her friend was being a bitch then went to her room walking away. That pretty much killed the mood and my friend said her better go home feeling awkward we understood. My wife went to talk to her but she was in her bed sleeping so my wife came back into the room. We talked about how to explain to her what she seen, the next evening we sat with her. We asked if she was upset she just shrugged we told her we are in love and this wasn’t about us breaking apart. She said you just like kinky stuff, my wife blushed and turned away I said that’s about what it’s about. She shrugged and smiled and said she understood gave us a hug and said she loves us. A few days later as we had been talking a little about what happen she said Jerry has a really big one. I laughed saying yes he has a huge cock she giggled mom likes that she asked. Of course she does that’s what it’s about she smiled saying he looked allot bigger. I laughed saying almost 4” longer she opened her cute little mouth wide like in surprise. Thats allot longer and it was really meaty she said I laughed saying that’s your moms favorite part.

  • When I see the sheer bliss spread across my wife's face I shoot my load over her tits

  • Yummy

  • Have done that many times with my wife. I have a very small cock and she has me lick her pussy clean after they are finished. She seems to really get off on me doing that.

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