Got people at my school pregnant

Afterschool one day my teacher asked me to help her with some stuff. While helping she told me I was her favorite student while massaging my back. I eventually started to kiss her. It soon escalated to fingering. We walked on over to her car and I ate her out. During the rest of the week during lunch and after school we would make out and some times give me a tit job. One day during class she asked me to step out and we went to the janitors closet where she blew me. That weekend I said to my parents I was going to volunteer and headed on over to her house. After hours of making out she told me she loved me. After eating her out, her giving me a tit job and blow job we had sex. Right before she told me she wasn’t on the pill. The entire week we had sex after school until one day I removed the condom and came inside her. A month later she told me she was pregnant. A week after during a prep rally I asked a girl with giant tits and always wore formal clothing to come with me. We went inside a closet and I started groping her as I pulled out my dick. She blew me then fucked me. She told me not to cum inside her because she’s Christian. I said too bad and came inside her more than anyone before. She came up to me a month later crying saying she was pregnant. 2 weeks after I asked two girls if they wanted to play a game. They agreed to it and we headed on over to their car. One was chubby and one had an awesome ass. I tore apart their pants and shirts and started fucking them. I said they were going to be mothers and they started asking me to pull out. I came inside one and the other. They told me yesterday they were pregnant. Today I got a blowjob from the teacher.

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  • I did impregnate at least half of the cheerleaders in my highschool. Now that I am an adult, I am trying to do it again.

  • Lying lil faggot

  • Wake up little boy.... nice fantasy.

  • You are talking pure fucking shite .

  • YUP

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