My friend and his mother in law

My best friend John is one of the guys you grow up watching feeling jealousy towards. Comes from a great family, got a great education, has a great job now in addition to an awesome wife. The guy just has the life. The family he married into is amazing too.
His in-laws have a lake house about 45 minutes from the town we both live in. This past summer, he called me on a Friday and told me to come to the lake the next day. He said his in-laws were having a party and he wanted me to come.
They treated me like I was family, made me feel at home, and it was good to spend some time with John. It was really late, there were only a few of us still awake. It was me, John, his MIL Judy, and his sister in law Liz. I told him I was going to go to sleep since we were playing golf early the next day. He got up to show me where to go and Liz interrupted to tell everyone she was going to bed too and that she'd show me what room I was in. I grabbed my bag and followed her.
It was a couple minutes and I couldn't fall asleep. I happened to look out the window at the porch and something caught my eye to the left. I looked more closely and I saw the back of John's head. It was drooped backwards. I thought "oh man, he fell asleep on the porch." I left the room to go get him. As I turned the corner to walk outside, I noticed something I will never forget. His head wasn't tilted backwards because he was asleep. It was tilted back because he was in total bliss getting a blowjob on the porch from Judy! I couldn't believe my eyes. I watched thru the glass door, tucked behind the wall, as she just went to town on him. She sucked him like a pro.
I watched through completion and was shocked. I was going to go back to my room when I saw her stand up. I assumed it was over. it wasn't. She straddled his lap and started riding him. I kept watching in total amazement. A couple minutes later, he finished inside her. I knew I had to sneak off then. I ran back to my room and over to the window. I watched as she straightened her skirt and kissed him good night.
The next day, in the golf cart, I finally had the courage to ask. I said, "Hey man, I saw what happened last night. how long has that been going?" He told me it's been a couple months. I was shocked. Told him his secret is safe with me but he needs to be more careful because if I saw it that easily, anyone could have.
For all the things he's done or accomplished, oddly, this is one of the most jealous times I've ever had with him. His wife is hot and he's getting stuff on the side from his hot Mother-in-law too. It's been a couple months and I know it's still going on.

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  • If my son-in-law ever made a pass at me, I'd be in trouble. my own daughter and husband make fun of me because of the crush I have on my son-in-law. if they ever knew how right they actually are, I don't think they'd make jokes anymore.

  • Yup, better tell Judy, my turn Hun or cat gets let out the bag

  • Tell the MIL you get some of that too or you tell her daughter. Make that call

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