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I have been separated for five years and my husband has access to our children boy 16 girl 15 for two weekends per month by mutual agreement
Recently he has asked that I put our daughter on the pill because when they stay with him they both sleep naked in a double bed and he is getting sick of providing condom's and wants them both to enjoy sex without having to worry about putting on protection all the time plus his sewerage has been blocked a few times from used condom's
This situation has shocked me it has been going on for over a year without my knowledge, reluctantly I have agreed and we are off to the clinic on Wednesday I do think it is for the better because there is no way I can stop it now, after talking to my daughter she has asked if they can sleep together in our house if her father provides a new king size bed with linen etc. that he suggested
I am really in two minds about this happening right under my nose and obviously with my consent
Any suggestions please ?

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  • How you bitch. You still letting your scumbag husband have accsess to your kids. You tramp..

  • You should join them and teach them right

  • Get dad to start fucking her and she will forget her brother.

  • Tosser..

  • You know shes 15 right. I take it you have know kids..

  • Thought so..

  • U read it wrong she's fucking her dad. Mom needs to eat the daughter out and steal her away. Give her a good licking and then talk to her about it. And hopefully u can get it to stop

  • Moron..

  • The only licking that little girl should be getting is her moms hand and then her own hairbrush on that little bare bum off hers. Her mom and x husband dont deserve kids. My daughters few years younger as posted before and caught her naked with a boy and the only thing she was getting licked was her bottom from bought my husband and i. I take itbyou have know kids also..

  • U seem to take pride in abusing ur kids with brushes and shit, ur fucking sick and need help, why are u on this site? The ops daughter is of legal age so she can do what she wants. Ur the sick fuck who doesn't deserve kids. Fuck u

  • Dont think so sweetie. Allowing her kids to have sex together and agree with her x scumbag lowlife husband. Mind you mom sounds like a tramp and piece of shit. There bought lower than a snakes belly and as for spanking and discipline. Bought my husband and i have two wonderful kids who make mistakes like us all. But to blatanly go along with that sick idea is off the wall. My son and dayghter learnt pretty fast that this is not acceptable. If these kids had more structure' discipine'care and love in their lifes they would be diffrent. But what chance they have if fathers a possibale pedo or gets of on his children sleep together and moms a fruitcake sick cunt also. I would love to slap her stupid bitch face and my husband would for sure love to have a chat with her x in a room just the twi of them. Low life scum is what they are. The wild beasts on the earth have more going for them than this joke of a mother and piece of garbage so called father..

  • Forget the two minds. Perhaps if you're smart you'll comprehend that even minus your 'consent', it it's here to stay. Look, soon their loving relations will be occurring at your house as well. Acknowledge that we live in a modern world of evolving attitude[s]. Father/ daughter intimate relations have been around for a long time now. You know better than to interfere. Perhaps this will give you opportunity to furnish your son with more attention & love, if you gather my inference.

  • I hope you are not implying that I have sex with my son, I have come to the reality that they will have sex anyhow so I may as well let them get the king size bed and sleep together under my roof, even if I am unhappy about it I will just have to tolerate it

  • Yes you stupid dumb ass bitch. If brains were dynamite you would not have enoufgh to blow up a fucking smartie..

  • Well you stupid bitch. Have you made up your mind. Are you going to kick your x husband in the balls and not let him see his children again and then tann your daughters bare bottom as i suggested for her even ask you something like that. Giveing what you said i dont think you deserve children. If you were my sister i would slap your face and have my husband kick your husband a new asshole and your kids would be with somebody who can teach them morals and who will love and cherrish them..

  • Yes thought so you stupid bitch. You dont know how to rare your children..

  • You are a joke and you and your x husband dont deserve children..

  • Your a disgrace and your husbands a looser. I have a daughter few years younger than your daughter and i caught her and a boy naked in her room not long ago. guess what i did and what you should have done. After i kicked that brat out i rang his patents and i then gave my daughter what you need to give your little girl. She rescived one of the longest bare butt spankings i had ever giveing her. I then made her put on just her pj top and socks and sent her to lounge which may i add a an extremley red and sore bottom for some time to reflect. My husband came in from work not long aftet and i explained what our little princess had being up to he gave her few hand spanks were she stood and sent her to get wooden spoon. I can tell you by time he added 24 good licks to her already burning little buns. She was sobbing and promiseing never to do anything like that again. I brought her up to bed and it was not even 6. But i can let you know for sure she will think long and hard before even thinks of doing something like tjat again. So if you love your daughter then as i suggested in posts. Give your husband that kicking and dont allow your childten to stay over and the go and pick up your daughters hairbrush and blister her bare bottom good. You knpw shes your baby girl and craveing your attention..

  • You touched ur 6 yo daughters bare butt?? Dude that's too far, that's sick. The mother of this post is talking about a 15 yo girl... That is legal... Ur a sick fuck dude. U don't touch fucking 6 year olds like that

  • Were does it say he touched his 6 year old. But even 15 i would have my husband castrated and as said my daughters bare ass would be seeing my hand and hairbrush for alot of trips over my knee.

  • Ur right it doesn't say she was 6 I read it wrong my bad. Still it is implied that person's daughter is much younger than the ops daughter. And it does say she touched her bare butt by spanking, that's abuse in my book, the way it is described at least. Regular spanking is fine

  • Like they say, a family that plays together stays together. What you needs to do is get nuded up with both of your children and do the naked nasty with them. Make sure they are doing it right, you can probably give them both a few pointers.

  • I hope you did what i suggested...

  • You got your answers. Now do something about it. I realy hope your non go let your x of a husband away with it..

  • I realy hope your messing here. You give your husband a kick in the nuts and you tann your daughters 15 yr old ass for even ask you something like that. Shes a child and shes your little girl and your allowing this to happen. Go give your husband that kick in the nuts and then take your daughter over your knee and warm her bare bum good with her own hairbrush..

  • It's clear you are on something. Now put the bottle away & have yourself a nap.

  • Not a thing honey. Everything is being handled fine minus your input. Leave it alone.

  • Get him arrested by the police.

  • That's foolish and antiquated. Wake up to the evolving, REAL world & stop writing like a old bag.

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