Brother and I

One summer, when I was like fourteen, I walked in on my older brother Steve watching our dad's porn collection(this back when that sort of thing had to be on a tape, not from the internet). We both knew that if he'd found out, dad would have been pissed, so I told him I'd keep my mouth shut if he'd suck me off. I'd jacked off plenty, but I'd never had anyone else to help, and I'm pretty sure he hadn't either.
I sat down on the couch and he got down on his knees and did what the girl in the movie had just done, and after I came I made him swallow it. Then I sucked him off, thinking it was only fair; I'd watched the movie as many times as he had, after all, I could've just as easily been the one caught. Plus, I was curious about how it felt to have another guy's dick in my mouth, and when was I getting a better chance?
Well, unbeknownst to me, we had plenty of chances; Steve and I got addicted to each other rather easily, and every time dad left for work that summer we'd end up in his bed or mine, or wherever else the urge struck us, doing everything two boys could learn from straight porn. We lived out in the middle of nowhere, we could've shot professional grade fireworks from our back porch and the nearest neighbor wouldn't have suspected a thing, so it's not like we were going to get caught running around naked or pounding each other's asses every time we had the energy. Like every teenage couple who's ever hooked up, we fucked like we were the first humans who ever figured out how. That was the best, and by far the shortest, summer of my entire life.
Unfortunately, the school season cooled our passions, and before winter Steve had apparently forgotten that he'd once begged me to fuck his ass harder, or that I'd once sucked on his nuts while he came in my hair. Before the following summer he'd found religion, and the only time since that he's ever addressed our relationship, he said we didn't do nearly as much as I think we did, what we did do was sinful for at least six different reasons and we would never do any of it ever again.

2 months ago

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    • Once again, religion and societal pressure ruin a good thing. Must have been amazing though having someone to experiment and play with all day for an entire summer with no worries about STDs or getting caught!

    • Fake incest! Fucking fag!

    • I bet this your way of feeling better about yourself after jerking off and cuming to gay incest. got to tell those people off and insult them for making you fantasize about a big ol dick in your mouth and ass filling you up with so much cum it shoots out your ears

    • So if it's fake, you're saying incest doesn't exist, which means, why are you so worried about it?

    • I mean, you're always saying incest is BAD, but since you also say 100% of incest written about here is FAKE, therefore, the prevalence of incest in society is ZERO, so, problem solved.

    • Are you mentally retarded? I could tell so from the sexual slurs.

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