Busted in the 90s.

I was in college. She a Sr. In HS.
She sneaks away for the weekend to stay with me We fucked like a dozen times. I called her on Monday. Back when there were long distance charges. We spoke explicitly about what we had done. She talked about how sore her pussy was. My dick hurt too.
Turns out her preacher dad recorded it on their answering machine. He knew my parents, took it to them and played it for them.
Geez. You talk about embarrassing.
I knew Mandy was trouble. But hers was the first female asshole I had ever seen while doggystyling and 69ing. So tiny and brown. Mmmmmmm. I think that’s why I love em now

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  • I can remember the first time I went to a boyfriends house for the weekend. We fucked like crazy. My pussy was definitely sore!

  • My dad would literally have killed you for touching his daughter. Good thing my sister was a good girl as it prolly saved some guys life. I'm much like my dad so god gave me all sons and never the daughter I wanted.

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