It was a slutty thing

I was in college and rented a house with a friend and his girlfriend. They were both going camping for the weekend so I thought, so I planned on doing my usual cross dressing thing for some of the weekend. I had a kink for panties and stockings and had a few things I liked to dress in and masturbate, watch porn, etc... It was a release from stress I guess. I had also just found that my roommate had some seriously sexy lingerie when I saw them drying on a line in their bedroom a few weeks earlier. I had planned on grabbing a few of these items to add to my fun.

It was Saturday evening and they had both been gone since that morning. I felt I was in the clear. I had a few drinks, dressed myself in these sexy things I had taken from my roommate's dresser. A garter, hose, panties, a light top piece and some high heel boots I found at the local thrift. they must have been a stripper's because they looked like porn. I looked like porn and was feeling horny and free at home alone. I'm watching some of my favorite porn on the living room right off the front foyer when the door burst open in a split second. there was nothing I could do and I froze, boner, cross dressed masturbating and a rather large dildo I liked to use, all right there in the middle of the room. I thought they would certainly throw me out and tell everyone we knew.

turns out, guy roommate went on his own with friends and girl roommate stayed in town, never planning on going camping. I had just assumed they were going together.

She had gone out early and had brought a few of her "friends" home for more drinks. She was planning her own fun while guy roommate was out of town.

They, 3 guys and herself walked right in and laid eyes on me doing my dirty business. nothing I could do. Blood rushed to my head and I thought I was going to pass out. "Holy shit that's hot" she blurts out after a few eternal seconds of silence. She turns to the guys and tells them to go down the hall and she comes into the room. " I won't tell guy roommate anything if you don't" she says since she was obviously going to fuck these guys with her. Two of whom I sort of knew.

she called them back down the hall and told them that if they wanted to do her they had to do me, too. I couldn't believe that. It was weird and hot and awkward and all kinds of crazy until the guys looked at each other and said "ok". We were all around 20, young, fit and I guess, wide open to whatever, and stoned and a little drunk

Those 3 guys treated us like they had scored a pair or twin strippers. it lasted all night. The dirtiest thing we did was when she had two of them DP me from behind in some magical position while I went down on her and another fucked her face. She basically choreographed all the moves and we all did what she said which amounted to just about every porn maneuver you can imagine. They all came in my ass at some point and near the end they all came on mine and girl roommates faces, I blew them all and fucked girl roommate while I took it from behind and she blew the 2 other guys, there was a train, they all took turns on us.... etc, etc, etc.....

Her boyfriend came back the next evening. in the meantime she dressed me up again and we had sex the next day before he returned.

My wife and I still know her and her current husband although we've never told a soul and my wife has no idea. We still get together for dinner and drinks.

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  • Very hot!

  • It was and i still think about it all the time. been trying to figure out how to repeat it somehow

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