Gay / homos/ fagit / sisis

What ever y'all want to be called...... don't condemn other post that have straight sex just because y'all jealous about not getting dick.. TO BAD

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  • Are you trying to be offensive? Or is that just an unfortunate side effect of your sparkling personality?

  • I think hes jealous because the writer secretly wants to suck a cock and take one or 3 up the ass. The writer cant figure out how to apologize to everyone that does not fit into that "moral majority" he thinks EVERYBODY should live, think, feel, dress, desire things the way that he does. I really detest judgmental pricks. They are usually such insecure assholes.

  • He's the same loser bitching about the Feet posts and thinks they are all written by the same person and the only sexual satisfaction he gets is with his own sister.

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