My wife and I are happily married but the spark had gone out of our sex life a bit and lately we've been trying to spice things up a bit. She has started wearing sexy little outfits including this goth schoolgirl with black eye shadow that really gets me going. She's been trying really hard, doing a bit of role play and acting the slut but I've been struggling to find way to contribute.

She kept asking me if there was anything she could do or anything I wanted to do that would spice things up a bit and I finally told her I'd like to fuck her up the ass. She winced but said OK and I just love it. Her ass feels so tight and so hot, it's like putting your cock in something hot. So, I was really happy but I kept getting the feeling she wanted something more.

So, I did what she did and just kept asking her until she told me. She didn't actually tell me what it was just that there was something, so I just agreed to it without knowing what it was.

She surprised the fuck out of me by coming out dressed in high heels, black bra and panties, black garter belt and a black strapon cock. She looked super hot, she is petite and quite beautiful and that strapon cock looked kind of sexy on her.

She was really nervous though and she hesitated and told me she wasn't game to tell me what it was because it was so weird and she felt really weird about wanting to do it. I didn't have the heart to say no because she'd been trying so hard and it was only a small cock. And I really do love her.

So, she fucked me in the ass with her strapon cock and to be honest I did like the feeling. She really, really loved fucking me. So, now we're both really happy fucking each other up the ass.

But... I can't help thinking it is such an unmanly thing to allow. Every time she does it to me I immediately lose my erection and afterwards I feel like some limp wristed gay faggot for allowing her to fuck me in the ass. It feels like she is emasculating me.

She really loves it though and now I find myself making excuses to get out of having sex with her because I know every time she wants to do it to me.

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  • Yeah your thinking way to hard dude settle down lol this has nothing to do with sexuality. Even if you had a three some and a guy did you its not a influence of your sexuality. Doing the same thing over and over gets very boring. Cheating happens because of this in most cases it's not something anyone did wrong. When I was 19 I ended up with a odd job working at a sex shop. Very late nights next to the airport even at two am we have a dozen people or more shopping. We had allot of prostitutes come in for supply's I heard of golden showers. Strap ons spankings beatings humiliations the list went on. Everybody has their own kink that gives them pleasure but what I learned was. These guys and even females who hired prostitutes loved their spouse but couldn't enjoy this with them. A prostitute I got to know well had a client who said she looked exactly like his daughter. He lived in Denver and she work here . Seattle he flew to Seattle 3-5x's a month to play out having sex with his daughter with her. He would pay day fee of $2000.00 even spending three days giving her 6K for the experience. While it would be hard for a wife to hear her husband ask to play this out with her. It would be a hell of allot cheaper, I worked there for 4 yrs she had that same guy before and up till I left. She average 36K-43K a year from this guy no taxes. She pissed on guys for $300.00 and after insulted them for 20 minutes and was done. I think the biggest problem with sex is talking and listening and being able to not be a cry baby about it. Most men will freak out if their wife said she needed a bigger cock than her husband has. I had women come in buying huge dildos as they came in over ttime.continued

  • I got to know women who came in buying large sex toy and different things. Seeing me there over the years I worked there they started talking. The giggled telling me about their hiding places how he almost found it. Asking if I had ideas to hide things but they most professed they would never cheat and loved their husbands and had great lives just not good sex lives. I had many who asked about studs or if I had a big cock or just wanted to fuck. Being a passive person I politely changed the subject not to reject them and make it uncomfortable. We did have couples come in allot of couples for sex toys. It was interesting we had a guy ask me if I knew or would cuckold him. I told him I'm just above average your probably looking for a huge cock. He asked me how big I said very thick and over 7 3/4" he laughed saying he's the size of a hot dog. His wife smiled saying I would be perfect I agreed she was hot and felt attracted to them as a couple. Contiued

  • We had planned it first going to dinner and having a few drinks to get comfortable and relaxed. My hooked friend she gave me advice I asked what rules they had. Obviously they didn't think of any rules he asked her she asked him I said OK of anyone is uncomfortable at any point please say let's talk and we will stop. He then said he wanted me to humiliate him and wanted to know of he was able to hold or suck my cock adding he would pay extra. When he said he would pay extra in my head I was wishing I had asked Ashley what to charge for everything I was doing. I had no idea if guys get shit pay or high pay or what the fuck kinda pay. We only had one drink each agreeing being sober was best. The agreement was following then home in my car I would then wait and knock on the door. Then I would rush in tackling and tying him up and raping her forcing him to watch. I figured adding a extra to their experience when we got outside it was late and dark in the parking lot. I pulled out ny cock they didn't notice I grabbed their shoulders twisting them around. Pull out your little prick he obeyed lowering his head. It was very tiny i chuckled inside grabbing her hands putting one on mine and one on his i said you call yourself a man. My cock was bigger than yours when i was 10 yrs old i grabbed her and French kissed her and told him to suck my cock show some fucking respect you little prick. That was up there in top 5 blow jobs of my life hands down.

  • You're a shithead for not being oj board with this. You want it from her ass, you give it to her from your ass.

  • By definition it's not gay. You're engaging in a sexual act with a female who is using an inanimate sex toy on you. You said you enjoy the feeling, so focus on that and the pleasure she's getting out of it and you should be able to get more into it. Nothing wrong with enjoying it. I'm as straight as can be and I'd let a hot girl do it to me.

  • Let go of the stigma, sex is about what you to do to enjoy each other. She allowed you to get off in her ass, let her enjoy this, it might open up a whole new experience for both of you. Be lucky you have someone open minded and willing to expand for the pleasure of sex.

  • She's taking you down a slippery slope. It's a strap on now, but eventually it'll be some other act of humiliation to keep you down. She's on a power trip. If you don't put an end to this, she's going to bringing over gay boys to slip you the sausage for real.

  • Idiot

  • Forget about what the meaning is. There is no meaning beyond you both like doing it. Don't worry about the labels unless you want to include that in the role play.

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