My Ex Wife, My Best Friend, and Me

K has been my best friend since we were kids. We grew up together, he taught me how to jerk off and he arranged my first fuck with some slutty girlfriend of his who thought it would be cool to bust my cherry. We always had a great life, we got married about the same time and got divorced about the same time, and after our divorces our lives pretty much turned to shit.

We decided to try and get the good life back and we talked about how we both fucked that girlfriend of his together and decided we'd try and do the same thing again. We decided our ex-wives were the most likely candidates but K and his ex were fighting at the time so we decided to go after my ex.

My ex was perfect because she'd always been a horny little bitch which was one of the things I really loved about her but she was just a bit too horny and was too fond of some stray cock. That was the main reason we broke up, but not the only one.

I still liked her though, just not as a wife. Great fun, great fuck, lousy wife. We still got on well and we used to see each other regularly and every now and then, even though she had remarried, we'd get together for a fuck.

We made a really simple plan. Next time she came over for a fuck, I'd make sure she was a bit drunk and K would just wander into my bedroom naked and join in. We thought it was a brilliant plan but we thought the odds were 50:50.

We were fucking, really going at it, when K wandered in and she freaked out. It was so funny though, the three of us naked and K and I trying to talk her down and talk her into a threesome. K and I couldn't stop laughing and she finally started laughing and that was it. Her being a bit drunk really helped.

I was totally past any jealousy by then and had been for a long time. It was just a huge turn on for me now watching K fucking her. We really did a number on her. On her back on the coffee table with my cock in her mouth while K was fucking her, then K and I changing places. On her hands and knees with my cock in her mouth and K fucking her and changing places. Sitting on K riding his cock with my cock in her mouth than K and I changing places.

I knew she had always been a horny little bitch but I was still surprised by how much she was into it. She really got off on it. We all did. She was a bit weird about it afterwards though as if we had coerced her into it. Didn't take much coercion though.

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  • My best friends parents was very racist and their dad violent toward mexicans. Our community is a farming community and lots of Mexicans growing up. Their dad went on rants all the time drove around with a rebel flag. My friend and his sisters married mexicans their parents didn't attend weddings. When his sister gave birth everything changed for their family. Their dad walks around with his mixed breed grand children like the proudest man alive. Doesn't make any racist comments hates racist and even been in fights with people who are. Once a racist biggot 7 grand children later things have changed. When it's your blood love changes and over come hate!

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