Shared my Drunk wife

My wife and I were at our beach place and went for drinks at the close by bar. We had been drinking already but ran out and she suggested going out for drinks. She was in a party mood. My wife is 38 years old, five foot four inches and about 125 pounds with a nice butt and tits and nice legs. She is a hot milf type but she is very conservative usually, when she drinks I encourage her to let loose. We walked to the bar and had two drinks and I was getting pretty drunk and she was too. She said she’d like to smoke a joint, we haven’t done that in maybe 20 years, but we were drunk and it sounded like fun so I asked the bartender who we see when we visit the beach house and he recognizes us who I can get a joint from. He said the bar would be closing and we could meet him at his condo which was a block away and he would smoke with us. It was nearly 2 am and we ordered our last drinks and sat and drank another waiting for the bar to close. It closed and he gave me the address and we told him we’d meet him there but he had to clean up the bar so it would be another half hour. We went outside and sat on a bench behind the bar facing the beach and killed time by making out. She had on a tube top and shorts, I took her top down and took off her bra and sucked her nipples and had my hand in her panties and we were both worked up and sexually charged and drunk. When it turned 2:30 we headed toward the bartenders Condo and knocked on the door. Other guys and girls who work at the bar were there and were drinking and a joint was being passed around. Everyone was in their 20s, where we are late 30s but they were really friendly and interested in everything we said about living in the city two hours away and having a beach house that we use as a vacation home. It’s Spring break here so they were all in a party mood.
The bartender came up to me with a joint and he said let’s go outside, so my wife and I followed him to his balcony outside of his bedroom. There were two chairs and he sat in one and I sat with my wife in my lap. The bartender asked what we did for half an hour after the bar closed. I said we just killed time. We passed the joint back and forth and my wife was really trashed and saying she was super horny and how naughty it was that we made out behind the bar and that I had her top down and was sucking her tits. Then she said we must have left her bra there because she didn’t have it on. I squeezed one of her tits to check and sure enough it was gone. The bartender laughed and he don’t worry they look great or something like that. I told my wife they do look great and said even this young guy thinks you’re hot, she said stop it he probably thinks I’m old. We laughed and he said no, that she was hot and that any guy his age would want her. I could tell she was flattered. He lit up another joint, and my wife went in to get us beers, when she came out I stood up and took the beer from her and put my arms around her and kissed her then I put my hand on her boob and pulled her top down slowly. She said babe my nipple is out and I said leave it, I’ll tell you when to put it back up. I sat down and she sat down on my lap with her top down. The bartender was smiling and I kissed her lips and asked him what he thought and he said she looks really hot and has nice tits. I said she gives really good blow jobs, don’t you honey and she said yes. He smiled. The joint was done and I stood up and my wife was swaying and very high and drunk and I said come here honey, I took her to the bedroom and looked back to the bartender and motioned for him to follow. Inside his room it was dark with only the light from the balcony shining through. I kissed her and said get on your knees, she knelt and I undid my zipper and took it out and she instinctively put it in her mouth and started sucking it. I waved for the bartender to come over and he stood by me and my wife looked at him and I said unzip him, and she did with my dick still in her mouth she unzipped him and he took it out. She kept sucking me and I said jerk him off, and she took his cock in her right hand and played with it but kept focused on me, and I said take turns sucking us, she kept sucking me and didn’t change her position or say anything so I decided to not say anything more and about two minutes went by and she suddenly took a breath and kept jerking me slowly with her left hand and licked the head of his cock. She licked the head around and around and she smiled and she licked it some more then she sucked it. She pulled back and took mine in her mouth again then switched back to his and did this severally Times then she focused on him. He reached down and was feeling her tits with his hand while she sucked him. She switched and focused on me and kept jerking him, he said I’m going to cum and she quickly switched to him and sucked it and he came in her mouth and she swallowed and kept sucking him until he was soft. She got back to sucking me harder and faster now and I came pretty quickly and she swalllowed it. She stood up with my help and she laughed and said that was fun, and the bartender turned on the lights and my wife’s tits were red from our both squeezing them and she had a little bit of cum on her chin and chest. She asked for the bathroom and he opened the door to the adjoined bathroom where she cleaned up. She came out smiling and said thank you guys that was really fun. I said we’d better be going and he said okay thanks for coming and my wife said bye to him with a hug and we left for our home a couple of blocks away. On the way back she was so happy and said that it was really sexy and fun and wanted to know if we could do it again with him. I said yes and asked if she wants sex next time and she said no just oral, maybe sex but she isn’t sure, which means yes because she didn’t flat out refuse.

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