Now i'm fixated

Something weird but really hot happened to me over the weekend. the short version of it is, i was invited to this party out of town, and since it was far, i looked for a place to stay. just so happens that my older half sister lives near where the party was, so i went over on friday to spend the night, go to the party the next day, and leave on sunday.
except for several reasons i won't bore you with, i was so damn sleepy that i slept all afternoon up to midnight, so obviously my friends ditched me, and i missed the party. all too lame, until i heard moans...
so i open my door and, in the room right across mine, i see my sister having sex with two guys at the same time. it was so hot and so beautiful at the same time. they were not fucking her, they were making love to her, and the way she enjoyed herself was mesmerizing. i've always been aware of how attractive she was, but for obvious reason i had never seen her that way... but right then and there, I became sexually attracted to her, and even if i realized it was wrong, i started to jerk off right there while watching. Watching her cum was so beautiful, and when the guy in her pussy came inside her and passionately kissed her was so fucking hot.
So I pretended to go back to sleep when they were finished, and barely dared to breath while they were there (they spent the night). The next morning, thinking the place was empty, I went ahead and had breakfast... and then my sister showed up.
I tried playing it cool, but I was so fidgetty and evaded her eyes so much, she felt something was up, so she got up from the table and was about to leave when she leaned towars me and whispered: "it's ok, i think it's hot that you think i'm hot... and that you watched".
instant hard on. she smiled, then she left. I was so embarrassed i rushed out of there while she showered, and haven't seen or called or texted her since... but i sure have jerked off to her like a monkey. every day, several times a day. I guess there's a point of no return where you start finding a family member attractive.
and now she's coming over next weekend for a family reunion, and i'm nervous AF. i don't know what to say to her, or even if i'm supposed to say anything.

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  • I get fixated on watching all these animal pet cat and dog etc rescue that upset me and I get sick of seeing disgusting abuse on these poor little animals. its just outrageous and shocking. I sometimes have to stop myself to force the brighter side of life in.

  • Get your cock out and let her to get sucking .

  • You may not have to say anything. But if she brings up things, you should be totally honest, as honest as you've been here.

    This includes being blown away that she's 'OK' discussing this. If she asks whether or why this makes you uncomfortable, you tell her it's because her being 'OK' with your arousal is EXTREMELY arousing to you, and that you're helpless NOT to be aroused by HER TEASING you about it ... that she makes it 'OK' and you're not able to fight your response.

    If she asks what exactly got you going, point out that it was their 'making love,' not just having sex ... Give HER something to ponder.

  • Sweet!

    Give this some acknowledgment every time ... Keep her warmed up to the idea that you can't get what you saw out of your head ... In time, you may be rewarded. Hey ... you've always loved her ... now you know she's hot to boot!

  • Let it flow, if you go all the way you are only fucking half your sister the other half is a friend.

  • It happens..I was after my hot older sister to begin with, but, until seeing her bf fuck her against the kitchen countertop at a vacation rental we had, from a barely-closed door but open enough to see, I wasn't sure how she'd feel or what she'd do about it. She did know, and gave me a sly, sexy look, saying she knew I was watching from the hallway (which I was),

    She took my seeing her in stride, then said knew I was after her body, and now that I'd seen how the bf used her..Figured would let me in on the action. Was amazing!

  • That's what I'm thinking about this. I'd guess that it was much better for her because something very 'taboo' was happening--she knew her half-brother was watching!

  • She is good with it just relax about it. Just be what ever your normal is with her.

  • Let us know what happens. Go with the flow. If you guys fuck then it'll blow your socks off.
    I had a threesome with my girlfriend and her dad. It was so fucking taboo and hot

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