One of my first jobs

I started a job that would end up being my career when I was around nineteen years old in 1966, yes I have entered my 70's finally. I started out working the receptionist desk in the main lobby and put up with harassment all day. Back in those times a woman at work was a real treat for men, cannot tell you how many times my rear was slapped for doing a good job or hands on my shoulders, arms or sides.
I was there about two years and a position opened up being the secretary for two vice presidents and I jumped at the chance, I interviewed and got the job and worked really hard to impress them. One evening after working up there for some time I had my shoes off because my feet were hurting, I walked into one of the offices and the first thing out of his mouth was how sexy my feet looked. He actually swung around his chair and looked straight down at them and told me they looked pretty. I told him sorry for not wearing my shoes but my feet were sore and I figured since it was after normal hours it was not a problem. He told me I could take off anything I wanted to and walk around his office with a chuckle, I of course did not make a comment back and went back to asking him about some work related things.
After that he was always asking me if I needed a foot massage or shoulders, soon it was comments on my outfits fitting me perfectly or other parts looking particularly nice that day. I then fell into a trap that I caused myself actually, it was around the holidays and he must have received quite the bonus that year because he told me he would pay me five hundred dollars to see me without clothes on in his office. You have to remember that this was in the sixties, my rent was about a hundred dollars a month and that included all my utilities. I was a little surprised at his offer but at the same time a part of me was turned on as well, so my secret side came out at the wrong time. I told him six hundred and I would do it, he asked me for how long and I told him that I would do it for half an hour but no touching.
I stayed late later that week and he looked like a kid standing in front of a candy store when I closed his door, I asked him if he was ready and he pulled open his drawer and slid an envelope across his desk. I put it in my purse and walked over to the couch area and removed my clothes, I thought he was going to have a heart attack with all the excitement on his face. One of his first comments was my god your breasts do not even sag!
He sat at his desk chair staring at me as I walked around his desk, I asked him if there was a certain way he wanted me to stand or sit, something like that anyways. He did not answer me right away then he asked me if there was an amount of money I had in mind that would allow him to touch me. I joked around with him and told him to give me a number he would pay to touch me. His response floored me, he told me he would double it if I would let him touch me and triple it if he could put his lips on me.
I walked over to his desk and put my rear on it then put a foot on each one of his knees, I still could not believe that he thought I was so beautiful and he needed to give away so much money just to get a woman but I told him okay but no intercourse. He opened the same drawer as before and I saw an envelope with a lot of money in it, he counted off another twelve hundred dollars and handed it to me then asked me if I locked the door. I told him I had of course, he then asked me to lay back on his couch and he kneeled down between my legs and started at my breasts. He finished after my third orgasm if I remember correctly, I was so lost in ecstasy that when he stood up and I saw the bulge in the front of his pants I told him to come over to me. I sat up on the edge of the couch, unzipped him and gave him a blow job swallowing all of him.
We started having sex on a regular basis and my bonuses were out of this world for the times, it lasted about five years until one night he died of heart failure in his sleep. I told his wife at the funeral home that he was one of the best bosses I have ever worked for and she was genuinely grateful for the comment and all the help I had been during the service. I do not think she ever knew we had sex at work often.

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  • My boss is an older guy in his 50's and he is so into feet. I caught him a couple of time checking out my feet as I had my heels off at my desk. I didn't know this until I asked a few of the older woman in the office about him. Most women I talked to just giggled and laughed. When I asked them what was so funny, they told me that they have been getting several hundred dollars a month for him to smell their feet after hours. The women told me that they have been doing it for years to supplement their income that their husbands don't know about. They told me that he would even pay a bonus if they left their pantyhose with him. I'm thinking about trying it! Thoughts?

  • I claim bullshit. She would have done the fucking thing for 500 back then, maybe even less.

  • Wow what a great story I am sitting here reading it again visualising you getting stripped of and then walking around yummy

  • I'm kinda doing the same now, no touching but he wants my panties. Couple times a week I go into his office drop my panties from under my skirt, he sniffs them and masturbates while I watch....$1000 each time $1500 if I get naked.

  • Hey baby what a great job and boss pity he fell off the perch at least he did not croak while knocking you off in the office

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