Someday I wanna take a break..

As a young trans guy in a queer relationship, sex usually ends with a very satisfied partner and a very indifferent me. Mostly because I am the dom every single time :/ it's sad because I get turned on very easy and just left alone. My partner loves being submissive and gets bored giving pleasure than receiving. Sometimes I want to just be shoved into the bed and fucked so hard I don't remember my name but every time I picture myself being sub, I realize how antsy I would be. I am pretty uncomfortable with my body. Having a little chub makes a difference during sex and jogging seems to kinda help out but I would still feel so embarrassed about anything I would do wrong. Anxiety always gets the best of me especially when I'm so vulnerable. I want a night where I can forget about my insecurities and have somebody just tear me apart. Toys, bondage, literally anything. Just being took over sounds absolutely beautiful to me. I can be such a dreamer at times <3

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  • Why don;t you give your partner a viagra and tell him to tear your ass apart. tell him you need it and he can stand to put his hard cock where you need it for a few hours? seriously. Also, being trans don;t you know other trans and gay people that would be happy to tear your little ass apart? maybe reach out to your circle and see who's game?

  • So sorry i bother people wanting a job and more holidays and money for holidays. am I a bother to the world ?or what.

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