A co-ed high school near me is attended by about 1400 students ranging in age from 11 to 17. The 'official' girls uniform has the skirt length down to below their knees but almost all the girls cut that shorter to varying degrees and some of the girls from about 13 wear skirts so short you can see their ass cheeks. I find this phenomenon incredibly sexy. The rebellious public exhibitionism of it from such young girls is thrilling for me. I would never try anything on with girls that young as I know they're only interested in guys around their own age and I'd never want to hurt them. But I wonder how many guys are secretly turned on by underaged girls in provocative clothing but are terrified to admit it to anyone.

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  • God yes! 11-13 in school uniform is a huge turn on. I'd never touch one IRL but I love to imagine it.

  • It’s not just guys who think they’re hot ;-)

  • They do look gorgeous with their little white panties tight against their arses, I would love to be naked rubbing my dick against them

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