A co-ed high school near me is attended by about 1400 students ranging in age from 11 to 17. The 'official' girls uniform has the skirt length down to below their knees but almost all the girls cut that shorter to varying degrees and some of the girls from about 13 wear skirts so short you can see their ass cheeks. I find this phenomenon incredibly sexy. The rebellious public exhibitionism of it from such young girls is thrilling for me. I would never try anything on with girls that young as I know they're only interested in guys around their own age and I'd never want to hurt them. But I wonder how many guys are secretly turned on by underaged girls in provocative clothing but are terrified to admit it to anyone.

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  • Is there anything hotter!! Lol

  • I love them, especially caucasian girls with tanned legs and short skirts.

  • Love guys up skirting.

  • School girls are so hot!

  • It’s funny as we get older we appreciate how sexy they look. I went to a catholic school where girls had to wear uniforms. It’s funny I did check them out but not like now. Oh well wish I was young again. I did run into my 8th grade crush. All the boys wanted her. Anyway in my 50’s I hooked up with her. Unfortunately she didn’t age well but I had to fuck her. She said she never had it in her ass but she use to love it in her ass. Anyway 40 years later I was fucking her. I use to tell her I should have picked up her school uniform and pull down her white panties and fucked her.

  • I’ll admit it does turn me on but like u I would not act upon it. Instead I wanna have my girlfriend dress up as a schoolgirl and role play.

  • There is nothing more fuckable then a school girl.

  • I LOVE the way some underage sluts wear those almost G-string style panties that leave most of their hot arse bare. I've blown so many loads while fantasizing about the sights I've seen.

    I think schoolgirls are so hot because they represent that period in a guys life when his balls are on fire (hormone fulled wild sex urges) and he's surrounded by all these ripe little sexys. Teenage boys reading this - enjoy it and make the most of it NOW while you're right in the middle of it, because when you're older you'll remember these days with fond memories - usually with your cock in your hand fantasizing about your favorite sluts!

  • Lol

  • God yes! 11-13 in school uniform is a huge turn on. I'd never touch one IRL but I love to imagine it.

  • It’s not just guys who think they’re hot ;-)

  • They do look gorgeous with their little white panties tight against their arses, I would love to be naked rubbing my dick against them

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