Happy husband

My husband is so very happy and so nice to be around, he has always been a wonderful man and I love him so much, ever since we married he has worn sexy female panties and I certainly did not mind I liked being open in our relationship, after a while I could tell he wanted more female wear so gave him one of my bra's and nighties it was not long and we were off purchasing his own along with suspender's, stocking's, heels, blouses, skirt's and a large selection of femme wear just for him I also purchased a nice French Maids outfit that it is hard to get him out of, he has learned how to do his own makeup and care for his wig's, he enjoys doing all the household chores but still tends the grounds and cleans the cars.
Life is just so fantastic for both of us but his cross dressing stays in house, we really love a terrific sex life.
I would like wives in the same situation to comment

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  • "I would like wives in the same situation to comment" not rude bitches that have no idea

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  • Such a nice post, thank you you obviously have a terrific life all the best darling xxx

  • Yeah considering you wrote it.....

  • Exactly

  • What a great relationship, my husband secretly wears my lingerie and when he is confronted denies it I want him to be out in the open and wear whatever he wants especially his own, it is his birthday in one week and I am assembling a lot of female lingerie and cloths that is going to be his present and if he does not wear them I am going to threaten to discuss the situation with his mother and sister and tell him I have photo's, he will shit himself but I am sure he will start being a good boy/gurl.
    Hope we soon have a relationship like your's

  • My husband has been wearing panties and bras ever since I caught him in mine about seven months ago, I had time to take some photo's to blackmail him but that so far has not been necessary, he is very obedient and does a lot more chores around the house while dressed female now, he also wears a Satin Maids outfit with suspender panties stockings and heels, as yet we have not started his makeup with wig's but your post has encouraged me and he will soon be going a lot further with his female ways xx

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