Really small

I have a really small penis, it's about 2 1/2 inches long and about as big around as my thumb. I met a girl I really like a month ago, and we have gone out 10 times already and I know she really likes me and she is starting to think something is wrong because I haven't tried to sleep with her yet and she is making lots of subtle hints that she wants to have sex with me. I am too embarrassed to show her my tiny cock and I know she will laugh at me if she sees it, but I really like her and I think she's about ready to stop seeing me if we don't have sex. Fuck this really sucks. I'm gonna have to make up some excuse to stop seeing her. It's no wonder so many people kill themselves nowadays. Life sucks.

4.1 years ago


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    • The first time I saw his prick I thought god that is small but we had sex and it was not to bad but now he is getting into oral and the things he can do his tongue I don't care if I never have intercourse again .

    • Master the art of oral and manual stimulation and she won't care about the size of your member. Besides penises just go in and out; your tongue and hands can do so much more.

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