I cheated

I'm the towns known prostitute now I'm pretty sure, for the past 3 months and 17 days I've been having sex with the men in my town for money or sometimes for nothing sometimes I don't get paid. I've been cheating on my boyfriend he doesn't have a clue about me having sex for money as he lives in a different town. I have turned numb when It comes to having sex I feel dead in side and I want to tell my boyfriend everything but I don't want to lose him I know he's going to leave me when I tell him but it hurts me because I feel like he deserves to know I don't know if I should tell him, it start 3 months and 17 days ago my boyfriend had actually brought me a gift it was a beautiful pair of heels and a pretty white romper I thought it was very nice of him i told him I would wear the out fit he had brought me the next day if he stayed the night and he agreed. The next morning I got dressed in the outfit he gifted me it was very short and cheeky on me I showed my boyfriend and told him about the cheekyness he said that's how it's supposed to look. I responded with a "okay it's pretty" I was already dressed and told him I would wear the outfit so I did not change into anything else and figured it's what he wanted, the heels looked good but they were very tall so I packed a pair of sneakers with me we had planned to take a small walk in town before he had to leave not very far from my house so I had made plans to walk home. Later that day my boyfriend and I had said our goodbyes in town I started to walk home and on my way home after leaving town you pass by a fairly small neighborhood then through a 2 mile road surrounded by trees that lead towards my neighborhood. When I made it to the 2 mile road I squatted down to take my sneakers out my bag and to unbuckle my heels. It was when I touched the buckle of my heel when this guy came behind me and he like raped me I was trying to get away but he had my arms behind me but then this other guy jumped on top of that guy but then that guy did the same too i was helpless the romper was so short all you had to do was move it to the side they took multiple pictures of me and before they left the second guy shoved 50 down my romper and kissed me. I gathered my stuff and changed into my sneakers and continued to walk home 3 days later I was coming out of the local store I noticed one of the guys from the previous day he was in a SUV with a guy that I have not seen he told me to get it inside the SUV. I had to walk home and figured if I said no they would follow me home either way so I got in the SUV the guy from the previous day said to me in this is my homeboy I want you to meet. He then questioned me and ask why am I not wearing a skimpy outfit, I told him I don't want to get hurt again he said I won't be getting hurt today just do what my homeboy wants, they had me pull down my jeans and sit on the guy that I hadn't seen before I kept my face against the window I stayed concentrated looking at the tree's I asked him if he could not finish inside of me then my head smacked the window really hard and he told me to shut up, I felt when he finished he then gave me 74 dollars I brought plan b with that money a week later I was walking home from church the same guys from earlier on me and took me down to the lake where there was an additional nine guys waiting by this very big tree they all hand and money to another guys that was there and they all had their way with me this time I didn't get paid and I came home bleeding from my holes while one of them was fucking me he called me by my name and I realized it was someone from my high school he knows where I live and he told everyone else after that one guy came to my house he had his way he gave me 20 before he left later that same night three guys came and they had their way they me dressed up in high heels and a dress that was the most painful time they didn't pay me and I laid on the couch after they left

3 months ago

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    • Nobody wants to fuck you gay ass

    • Longest paragraph yet! Oh shut up dude! Pure bull shit!

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