Beginning of the End

My husband and I have been together for three years, and married for almost one. We're 20 now, and we were high school sweethearts. I love him, and we have a lot of fun, but he's gotten into a thing recently where he likes to see me fuck other guys. We've done it with two of his friends so far. I'm always pretty horny, and I love my husband, so I've been cool with it. My only rule is that his friends needed to be single, so they weren't cheating on anyone.

A couple of weeks ago my husband's friend Chad came over to hang out, have some pizza, and watch a game with us. My husband got drunk and wanted me to seduce him into having a threesome with us. After I started to give my husband a bj during the game, it didn't take much urging for Chad to join in. He figured it out quickly. It wasn't long that he slipped off my shorts, got my pussy juices flowing with his fingers, and then slipped in his dick. And omg he felt fantastic.

The thing is this: I discovered that I have never been with a better lover than Chad. He was amazing, and so much better than my husband. Over the span of a couple of hours--with some breaks--Chad gave me five orgasms. It was literally like being turned inside out by his dick, he felt that good. I'll never forget the look in his icy blue eyes when he came in me, either, which he did twice. He looked so fucking sexy that I still can't stop thinking about it. He is such a beautiful man.

Chad and I have been texting each other about what a good time we had (my husband doesn't know about this). I've admitted to him that it was really emotional fucking him, and that I have a crush on him now in a pretty big way. I would have told him that I am in love with him, but it's too early for that.

After a week of sending messages back and forth, some of which were really romantic and sexy, Chad has offered me a chance to move in with him. I'm really torn, but I can't turn that opportunity down. I'm having Chad and some of my friends come over on Monday to move my stuff over to his place, after my husband goes to work. I'm going to file for divorce by the end of next week. My husband won't know what hit him, and will be devastated, but it is what it is. I don't know of a polite way to leave a marriage.

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  • Make sure to leave a pair of your panties cum filled by Chad on your husbands pillow.

  • Wow so what happened to better or worse, I think a big cock wiped that away.Just remember sweetheart the grass is not always greener on the other side. You're probably not the only one he's given 5 orgasms too, you will wake up one day and say what the FUCK did I do.

  • Wow those marriage vows lasted about a nano second. This is why kids shouldn't marry and play house.
    Kid you don't know the shit storm this is going to cause.

  • Oh wow.... there really are dumb fucks out there! Please report back when it goes tits up!

  • I can't believe you're leaving your husband for a fuck 😂 what an absolute bellend you are! You'll be back home in a bit, begging your husband to take you back, with your tail between your legs.

  • Had the same problem with my bf, talked me into a threesome, been with mostly his friends. He did let me choose who, and one day I called my ex bf's best friend, and it was over since then. We met up secretly, texted for months, and finally I gave in, left my bf for him, 4 months later we ended. And now I'm known as the town slut, videos traveling through the town like wildfire

  • You deserve it

  • And this is why I absolutely refuse to try a threesome. You're just asking for shit like this to happen.

  • Wow, so you're leaving someone that lets you f*** whoever you want and who you apparently get along with, for someone who's great at f******... just remember, it won't be like that all the time, the spark will be gone and you might miss the freedom, or worst case scenario, there's a reason why he's single. I've had some very nice ladies that are much better than my wife in bed, but I would never marry them great f*** does not = wifey material, or in your case husband material. good luck

  • What a cunt.

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