Llandudno holiday

We were on holiday at Llandudno. The second night I asked my wife if she'd do some flashing while we were out because she'd brought all her sexy gear and back home she flashes quite often when we're out at the pub. It always gets us both in the mood for great sex when we get home. This particular time it was to prove even better than usual. It started as usual with her flashing her knickers in the pub at two guys younger than her usual age range. With us in our early 30s and these guys in their early 20s but definitely sure of themselves because they actually came across to our table introducing themselves, asking would we join them in a drink something which never normally happens. We took them up on their offer and very quickly they were literally chatting up my wife blatantly asking her if she'd show them more than just knickers, also telling us there was another guy about to arrive and he'd like to see her flashing. Jen (my wife) commented about her size because with her being chubby were they messing around but they thought she was just "nice and cuddly" was their exact words also quizzing us both if we were married also asking Jen was she wearing stockings because they caught a glimpse of stocking tops when she flashed and apart from pictures they hadn't seen another woman actually wearing any. This time it was Jen who was getting saucy telling them that the night was young even admitting she likes flashing even being dominated and submissive sometimes depending on the mood. It was about now that the third guy joined us. More or less straightaway we were invited back to their caravan they were renting if we wanted then perhaps she'd prove she was wearing stockings (we all could see where this was going). The Cheeky buggers even had the cheek to invite Jen to go with them in their car and for me to follow. For once I actually felt a bit jealous watching my wife join them walking across the car park driving away wondering what sort of banter would be going on. I followed obviously but decided to have another drink on my own before joining them. When I got to the caravan the curtains were already closed. I actually knocked at the door. One of the guys let me in. It was Jen asking me where had I been because she's promised them a proper flash but not until I arrived. Everyone including me was all turned on by this time. For some reason I told her why doesn't she do one of her sexy strips. The guys started teasing her that she wouldn't dare. She's never backed out of a dare telling them to put some music on then and clear a space out in the middle. She started off seductively swaying unbuttoning her dress from the top then went to each of the guys inviting them one at a time to finish the rest. With her dress wide open they could see that she was wearing stockings. She came across to me telling me to finish taking it off. Knowing I was purposely showing these three young guys my wife just in her undies was one of the erotic moments I've had but it didn't end there because she herself took her bra off showing her nipples sticking out like bullets asking the guys were they going to show her where the bedroom was? Or were they just bullshitting. Within seconds they all disappeared in the main bedroom unzipping their trousers as they went releasing their Dicks like ramrods. With Jen now sitting on the bed still at this point with her knickers and suspenders on asking which one was going to finish stripping her. It took them just seconds between them to finish stripping her. They used fingers and mouths to get her to the point of panting and shaking with orgasms at the same time she was giving them blow jobs or wanking them. Finishing Cumming all over her body, but then decided that they wanted more fun telling her to get in the doggy position where they started really getting rough fingering her Fanny and bottom at the same time again making her give them blow jobs again and taking turns holding on to her love handles pounding her fanny or actual bottom until they AGAIN came over her back although one of them actually came inside her bottom. All this time I didn't join in I suppose I was the perfect "cuckold husband" because I was wanking watching my wife totally used and abused but definitely at the same time she was the only one completely naked because all three guys were still partially dressed which actually made the scene in front of me looked even sexier. The night finished of with us all watching Jen shower herself and with them inviting us both the next day to meet again down the town and hopefully have the same as tonight. It was Jen who surprised me by saying yes if they think they can manage it again but smiling cheekily more dominant. This confession is completely true and we still meet the guys nowadays for more sexy weekends.

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  • Was it a good story? Can't tell. Have headache from trying to read it.

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