Wife Worship

I have not met anyone that worships their wife as I feel drawn to do. With each passing year I grow more in awe of her. She is so easy, fun and a privilege to be around. She is so far out of my league and I know it. The most I can offer her is to be supporting, respectful and kind to her.

She brings way more to the table than I do. She is very sweet to me. My Ex wife was abusive to me and used sex as a weapon forcing me to live in a sexless marriage. My wife promised she would never do that and would have sex anytime I wanted. She kept the promise and there is a daily sex session.

She came from a pretty family. Everyone in her family is attractive including her good looking brother and dad. She is a blond hair blued beauty with a body that can stop traffic. She gets hit on by both guys and girls right in front of me. I don't blame them but I don't understand why she stays with me. I can see she can have her pick.

I'm addicted to seeing her naked body and I have asked her to not where clothes when we are home so I can always see her naked. She stays naked most the time at home and has for many years. Lately I will lay her down and rub and feel her entire body and offer my worship to her.

She isn't really comfortable with me worshiping her but I can't stop myself.
Is there any other wife worshipers out there?

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  • I was in a 12 year relationship that was.lile that, eventually she took it for granted

  • I know what you mean by her bringing way more to the table than you because in the looks department I am the same way and met my wife thru a total right place right time deal. Her car broke down and I stopped to help her, gave her a ride home an hour out of my way. She thought I was really nice and we started dating but I never thought it would last. I asked her one time if she was sure she wanted to marry me and she told me that I was the nicest guy with a real love for her that she had never felt before. Men have asked me if she is really my wife on more than one occasion.

  • I hear you. For the first 2 years we were married I was asked by my own friends how the hell I got her.

  • I wish my husband was like that 😔

  • I love to kiss and lick my wife whole body all the time, well anytime she will let me anyways.

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