Neighbor's son did my wife

This past weekend we had a pool party. Our neighbor's 21 year old son who is home from college has had a major crush on my pretty hot blonde wife. He put the moves on my wife and slide his dick inside her pussy after sliding her bikini bottom to the side in our kitchen. She came instantly and he filled her with his jizz while hectotally teamed him out. He came back over later in the evening and I agreed to him doing her three more times. He came inside her each time. Her pussy was totally teamed out. Her pussy leaked jizz all day Sunday. He also licked her feet and sucked on her cute red painted toes. He couldn't get enough of her. This weekend he's bringing two of his friends over. My wife can't wait!

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  • I can top all of you, I started suspecting things awhile ago, late night text, always out shopping late or not going to work. Turns out she was sleeping with her boss, 3 friends from my bowling team, 2 guys from my job, my daughters bf, and his cousin, our neighbor, 2 of my sons friends, the family mechanic, the plumber, and lastly my half brother, who's paralyzed, for him she just gets naked and puts her tits in his mouth, and fingers herself and let's him lick it. I hid cameras all over the house. We are now divorced, and she's still out playing

  • Sounds like she is a nympho. I had a friend whose wife was like that. She fucked anything that moved. She made a move on me, but I valued his friendship too much. Turns out it was a good decision - she had herpes.

  • I found out that my wife had been trading sex for rent with the building manager. I guess he had a minimum of ten per month from her and it did not matter how she did it to him. She then told me that a few times he would let her get off with just one time a month if it was anal. She not only gave him blow jobs but he would also go down on her. I never suspected anything because she was always having sex with me and it was great sex.

  • At least you knew what your wife was up to and it wasn't a surprise. My wife has the summers off (works in education), and I came home early to find her getting spit-roasted out on the back patio by our neighbor and his buddy. Evidently it has been a daily thing for them. It pisses me off, though, because she's no longer interested in having sex with me, because she's been getting so much on the side.

  • At 50 I'm going through menopause but I still menstruate so I can't stop birth control. My husband is very sexual but his erection is not rock hard anymore. We use toys and have fun though, but something deep inside me can't say bye to penis induced orgasm. My neighbor's son is in college but in town for the summer. He is not too hot but strong and young. Plus he is nice, attentive and willing to help out, and boy I can use some help. I asked him to do my yard, power wash my siding and even clean my gutters. I look at him getting sweat at work and can't help fantasizing. I finally asked him to help inside. I took off my panties and managed to include them in a pile of dirty clothes for him to wash. While sorting it out he found them so he came upstairs to my bedroom to asked me if I wanted him to hand wash my panties. I was taking a shower so I wrapped a towell around me and got out of my bathroom to tell him it was ok but couldn't help dropping my towell and you can figure out the rest. I didn't know where my husband keeps his condoms so he did me anal. It was my first anal experience and the only other man to fuck me in 25 years of marriage.

  • Lucky hubby. Hope u take photos and vidoes. You would need them to share in the future. Just hide the faces.

  • No pics then it didn't happen

  • U can't put pics on here dumb fuck

  • Can not wait for the next meet up and hope to hear about it or even pictures would be awesome

  • Your wife must be a right old slapper .

  • Want to hear more when it happens but with more detail

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