Found out my fiancé slept with 7 of my friends/coworkers

I’ve been with my fiancé for 5 years, and recently found out that she has had sex with at least 7 of my friends/coworkers, and that pretty much everyone I know was aware, except for me... Apparently it’s been a running joke between them for over a year about how they’ve fucked my fiancé more than I have.

I found dozens of videos on her computer that they made. Some of her and one person, and some showing her being fucked by multiple of my coworkers at once.

The worst part of this whole situation, is that I felt so much embarrassment and shame over this whole thing, that I ended up actually masturbating to several of the videos. I had no other way to deal with it other than to try and feel turned on by it.

I can’t help but want to work things out, and I haven’t yet confronted her. I also don’t know how I could be around any of my friends knowing that they’ve all fucked her so many times, and that they’ve had her in our bed probably more often than I have. I feel the shame and worry that they satisfy her more than I can, and I worry about what would happen if they found out that I knew.

30 days


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    • I get it! I find it awkward now being married to an attractive woman who’s been through a divorce before, dated fairly heavy between divorces for years and has legs, ass and tits, that no matter how conservative she dresses, guys at a function, will all either have fucked her or would like to fuck her! Recently, it’s gotten to be more of a problem as we went to a family friend’s church wedding and afterwards, as I’m talking to her, and her girlfriends and family, a muscular younger than my wife dude, walks over, looks at me with a weird smile and shakes my hand. Telling me congratulations “You’ve got a really great one with her!” I was asking myself “How do you know?”Everyone looks at each other, smirking. She hugs him with an over the shoulder hug that lasts too long. Later on I’m told they went out on a few dates. Later I ask him, “So you dated my wife briefly?” “Yes, for 6-months, but I was dating others at the time.” Well that’s nice I thought. That night at least 9+ or more of her friends, turned out to be guys she dated. It was emphasized to me looking back on things, if your married or engaged to a attractive woman, other guys, just like you, have either fucked her, want to fuck her. If she’s going to take them up on occasion have a plan you can live with. When she walks into a room, guys are going to wonder what’s it would be like to fuck her. That night many of them knew. I was so hard just seeing old guy friends come up to her. One of the guys said he was glad he was invited. I could see from the bulge in his pants he really was!

    • In the 15 years we have been married I think my wife has fucked every friend that I have had plus a few that I didn't know, she has never learned to say no to a good fucking, to her any fucking is good fucking.

    • You could enjoy being known as Cuckold, all that humiliation, shame, excitement and taboo; or, if you're not into that, break up with her and tell your friends that your through with that... and possibly you could get back some of your reputation prior to hooking up with that slut.

    • Only 7? Lol

    • When I came back from a deployment to Iraq, I started work again at a new location, different town, same company just 45-50 minutes drive away. When I entered the locker room the guys were watching a video, turns out it was a video of them with my wife. The video was with the 5 of them. Throughout the following weeks, they said she broke off all contact with them, I got them to share the videos and some pics with me. I didn’t confront her, but at the company holiday party when she saw the men she told me she wasn’t feeling good and we needed to leave, I told her you need to meet my coworkers I’ve told them all about you. But we left. I still don’t know what to do yet. It’s been a few years now

    • Why marry her if she's giving it away to everyone for free? Join their fuck fest and find a different girl to marry

    • You're lucky, let her know but tell her it stops if she don't let you eat her freshly fucked pussy. If you aren't into being a cuckold, you should probably cut the stirings before you fuck up and marry her. I love my wife ro fuck around, I know I get a tasty treat and a hell of a good time after. Good luck!

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