Couldn't resist him

I'm a 22 year old white female with a boyfriend same age. We have a lot of ups and downs. We starting fighting more when I started hanging out with a new friend he didnt like. This white girl was same age as me and I knew her in school but recently reconnected. She has a boyfriend who is black and he likes to play basketball. So I usually chill with her at the basketball court where her and her boyfriend and lot of his guy friends hang out there as well which are also black.
One time I brought my boyfriend with to hang out. But he didnt wanna hang after that cause he didnt like the guys there. My boyfriend is like white collar conservative and all these guys at the court are from the ghetto.
Since I was hanging with that crowd my boyfriend didn't like it. So I usually would hang out there lot times when he didnt know. Or when he was in his I'm not talking to you mood.
Well more I hung out there, I noticed one of the black guys there started flirting with me and times we be all having a good time he would sometimes come up behind me and slap my ass. I actually liked it. He is 6 foot tall, very athletic and is 27 years old.
Days later my friend she told me this black guy likes me, but told him I had a boyfriend which I do. So another day at the court him and I exchanged numbers. Once in a while we text each other. But few days later we were all at the court late. I drove my SUV to the court. So I took the black guy who liked me and my friend and her boyfriend home. I dropped off my friend and her man first. Then the guy who liked me and I stopped at the gas station to fill up on gas and get drinks. Sat in the car for awhile talked, after long time of talking we started making out for what seemed to be a good 20 mins. I moved my hand down to unzip his pants and out flew a huge hard cock. I started blowing him in the SUV. He was so enjoying the head I was giving him. I was even deep throating it till I let him cum in my mouth and swallowed it. He came so much in my mouth. He really liked that I swallowed. I never did that for my boyfriend. Days later at the court late so I told the guy who liked me I'd give him a ride home.
We got to his house and parents weren't they were on vacation and my boyfriend was out with his buddies. So me and the black guy who liked me went into his house went to his room. Started kissing and ripping each others clothes off. He lays on the bed I deep throat him for a few minutes till I got on that BBC for first time and rode it. I with in few minutes orgasm. I ride his dick for awhile longer. He fuck in doggy for a bit till we went to the ankles behind the ears position until he came inside me. It was so amazing and so intense. We would meet up on side few more times when my boyfriend ain't around for a quickly.

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  • I'm bigger I'm 3 inch so ha

  • I hope you get pregnant by him.

  • Hot.

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