Shamefull Fantasy

I fantasize about incest a lot. Me and my sister, me and my brother, me and my father, and sometimes me and my cousin. I know its wrong, and i'm ashamed of it, but at the same time i'm curious. I think it's the idea of having sex with someone you trust, that makes it so appealing.

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  • We were 7 kids growing up in a 3 bedroom house. Mom and dad had their room, girls had their room, and us 5 boys had the last room with bunk beds. Since there were only 4 bunks, the 2 youngest boys slept together until we added on another bedroom for my oldest brother. He was 4 years older than me and before he moved into his room, he would have me suck his cock almost every night. Once he moved into his room I realized just how much I enjoyed sucking cock and I started sucking off one of my other brothers. He has a 7" cock and I even got him to fuck me. My older sister was a prude but my younger sister was hot and horny. I never fucked her but I did lick her pussy anytime she wanted me to.

  • Okay, every word of this is quite normal. It appears you are a girl with obvious desires and yes, of course part of being intimate with someone is due to their trust. That by itself is probably a key reason for the inevitable growth of sexual family loving over the past, say 40 years.
    What you need to do first girl, is dismiss the shame you feel regarding it, if you can. I beleive once you gather more information about it and gain further insight to it, you will feel more relaxed & justified toward intimate family loving. It certainly isn't wrong ; that belief is only due to foolish, puritanical, antiquated conditioning.

    Actually & I beleive instinctively, girl offspring are naturally attracted to their father in some sexual manner. Once you feel more comfortable regarding incest, it may be easier to perhaps start dialogue toward the subject. I suggest that you read genuine, reliable sources on the topic toward furthering your knowledge. You'll discover how widely practiced it indeed is, even though not everyone is admitting to their practice of it yet.
    it's good that you're curious about it because you will be that much more inclined to gather facts regarding it.

    I hope someday you can bring the reality of it to fruition, especially with your father. If he is hormonally balanced, chances are he will welcome & truly appreciate the sexual intimacy and love that you and him can build with each other through it.

  • Why should you be ashamed lots of families do it but don't openly talk about it
    if both are adults and want it who should say its wrong

  • Don't knock it till you try it

  • I only like reading about other people's incest. that's hot. but real life incest makes me want to throw up

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