My life at Home ;)

Im Julia Gutierez, Mexican American Female. I turned 16 last month. I live at home with my Mom, dad, and 14 year old brother. Basically, When i was 13 in a half one summer, the tempatures were nearly 100 degrees. I woke
up to the heat and didnt want to suffer the sweat again so i decided i wouldn't wear any panties. All i did was throw on a Tshirt. Im 5'6, 122 pounds, and im really attractive, so i felt good about it. I got to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and all that, and all i had to do was sit down and pee. I didnt feel like wiping so when i left i just let the rest of the piss drip down onto the carpeted floor.When i got downstairs my brother was playing video games in the living room, parents still asleep. I ate breakfast and sat next to my brother. He was too focused on the game he was playing, thinking i had panties on like usual ;). When the tempature got hotter, I started sweating, and my Pussy Let off its scent. Thats when i started getting aroused. When my brother decided to look, i was slumped back with my shirt not covering my pussy at all. It was a huge turn on with my wet pussy touching the couch. My brother saw and was staring. I looked at him and then his 7 inch tent in his sweatpants! I asked him what he was staring at, playfully. He broke his trance and he said," What do you mean, your bare vagina is touching the couch!" I responded," Whats the big deal? Its hot as hell!" He tried playing his video games once again but couldnt stop looking,this time with a bright read face! The dog woke up, and greeted us with his daily Crotch sniffings. He sniffed my brothers tent, then when he came to my bare pussy, my brother watched curiously. I spread my legs, and when the dog smelled my pussy, i stretched it. He stuck his nose in, and i giggled, enjoying my brothers red face, Jaw dropped. He started to lick it, and i i rubbed my clit while he licked my pussy and pisshole, tasting my piss from earlier. I didnt see this as bestiaity at the moment, just a way to tease my brother. I eventually came all over the dogs face, and over his eyes, and i actually think i spurted some piss into his mouth! I looked down at the couch, and saw a giant mixture of Piss, my cum, and dog saliva all over the cushion and floor. I got scared of my parents coming downstairs and gave the dog some food, and cleaned my mess up. When in sat back down i asked my brother," Did you like what you saw" To which he replied," Oh, uh yeah, i guess" Mom came down, and dad was out of the door in a heart beat,for work. I hurried and put on a thong. It was really skimpy, so much that the string went between my pussy lips and didnt even cover everything else! My clit was literally sticking out. My mom didnt notice, and just saw a string and assumed i had proper underwear on. I helped her with breakfast, And the dog comes under and sniffs my pussy. Well my mom is on the other side of the table so i lower my panties, and the dog fishes his nose inside my ass cheeks. My butt is big, so it took some digging. I didnt wipe my ass this morning, out of laziness, so he had alot to eat ;). He darted his tongue in and out for 20 minutes, getting every last scrap of shit. I turn around and see my brother in the family room staring again. my mom had eggs on the table, so i showed my brother the egg, moved the dog out of the way, and basically masturbated with the egg, came all over it, and then broke it into the pan. My mom was digging through the fridge at the moment. I didnt look at my brother but knew he nutted right in his pants! Now its a daily thing.Present day, i wake up with only a large tshshirt, so dog can lick my asshole and pussy when he desires. Im sure my brother is use to it, but i will one day let him eat me out and mabye fuck, if it gets there. ;)

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  • I'm 17. Add me on Snapchat. I would love to see. Andyc2104. Say dog so I know who u r.

  • Julia this is very, very rude I am not sure you should be on this site, maybe you should go to church and confess to the priest

  • Yes agreed. 13 and for sure needs a good spanking from mommy..

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