So first off this is a true story and I'll try to get to it so it's not 10 pages long. I used to see someone my junior year in high school...she pretty much fucked me over when someone I knew and I was still dumb enough to stay around til I moved away my sophomore year in college. Anyways back then I had the hugest fucking crush on her mom. I woulda gave anything to fuck her back then. Well I moved back to my small town when I was 31 and after sometime saw her mom on Facebook under people u may know and sent her a casual message saying long time no see. Anyhow we messaged for sometime and I eventually got her number cause I said it'd be easier them hoping online all the time to check messages. After sometime I finally got her to open up more and more and told her how big of a crush I had on her in high school. We started talking/sexting more and more little by little. I got a text from her one night saying what u up to and I told her I was outta town and at a casino. She told me she was in town to for a class for her work at the prison. I told her to come see me and she said she was cross town and in for the night. After texting for a while and conversation got back to sex related we played a lil truth or dare type thing...after a lot of questions and building a lot of nerve I asked her if she knew bout my crush back then would she if done anything..she told me she would of been tempted but probably not cause I was only 16-17 then. Last turn i got of truth she asked if u could have anything I wanted right now what would I want. I got all th courage I had and told her to have her come to my room and get on her knees as soon as she walked thru the door. To my surprise I remember her saying if she drives cross town I owe her. I told her I promise I'd make it up to her however she wanted. She asked me which casino and the room number and She's be there in about 45 min. HERE'S WHERE IT GETS GOOD. She texted when she got to the parking lot saying here and I told here I'd meet her in the lobby...she said it's ok she was gonna be a min and She's just go directly to my room. I heard her KNOCK and swear I had the biggest hard on ever. When I opened the door she walked right thru the door and gave me a hug...after moments of hugging our faces were in perfect position to turn slightly and kiss. She wasted no time reaching for the button of my pants and saying this is what u wanted huh..within minutes she made her way down to her knees and immediately swallowed my d ick. I swear I was going to explode the minute I felt the back to her mouth. Her back was slightly pinned up against the door as i was fucking her mouth still in disbelief. The gaging/gurgling sound she was making was driving fuckin insane..i felt myself about to cum so as much as I wanted to shoot in her mouth I couldn't cause I only cum hard once and I'm done for awhile. I pulled her up by her had and undid her pants. I kneels down as I pulled em down and as I got to her waist the smell of her pussy hit me which happens to be a HUGE turn on for me. I got back to my feet and flipped her around and made her put her hands on the door. I rubbed my dick on her crack and she arched her back more to me.. I pulled her panties to the side and her pussy was drenched...i was able to slide right in as I'd been fucking her for awhile already. I wanted to fuck the shit outta her but I was near the point of exploding so I had to take it easy. Every time I slide in her pussy I'd get on my tip toes to get as deep as possible. I finally took if her panties so i wouldn't have to hold em any more. I took em and put em right under her nose so shed have to smell her pussy as I fucked her from behind. To my surprise she started tonguing em. I walked her over to the bed and she laid down on her back. I went back up to her mouth and made her taste her pussy off my dick. I made my way back down and I took her right leg and put it over my shoulder so I could pound in her pussy harder. Guys will know what I'm talking bout when I say I had a fucked up rhythm cause I'd pound the fuck outta here for a minute and get so worked up I'd had to slow or stop so I didn't squirt in her everywhere. She flipped me over and started to ride my dick fast. I kept grabbing her hips and telling her be careful cause I'd c um if she doesn't slow. After awhile she might of got frustrated cause she flipped back over and put her ass back in the air. I got behind her again and fucked her doggystyle while her head was in the pillow. After awhile I felt her right hand reach around and start stroking my d ick as I was going in and out. She slowly slipped my d ick out and guided it back to her ass. She slightly slide it around a little as I was thrusting a lil more. It w asnt too long before I was balls deep in her ass. Again I pounded the fuck out of it as hard a s I could for a min and backed off before I came. She told me she wanted me to c um in her ass cause she didn't feel comfortable letting me c um in her pussy. I had no problem with that. As I was sliding in and out of her ass she was rubbing her pussy. I was Sterling her black panties as I was enjoying fucking her ass. Finally as I couldn't take it anymore I put her panties in her mouth and rubbing em along her tongue as I shot as deep in her ass as I could!!!! I promise that is a night I'll never forget but I sure as fuck wish it would happen again!!

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  • Really dude if I was dreaming I'd be fucking her while your girl walked in and joined..if I was coining to make something up it'd be way more wild than this

  • I'm in a small town in Arizona...i was at a casino in tucson...what don't u understand

  • Wake up it's only a dream

  • Just happened to be in the same city? Righttttttt. Troll.

  • Got any pics?

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