BJ from older woman

I have a small repair and remodeling business and most of the time I work by myself. This lady asked me to come over and give her an estimate on a few things that she needed fixed around her house. She had a dozen or so items for repair, she liked my quote so I was back about two days later to start.
Some time in the afternoon she came back outside again after talking my ear off for most of the morning while I worked. She told me it was to hot outside and I needed to come inside for a while and take a break, she told me she had a snack made up for me as well. I told her I would be in a few minutes and finished up what I was working on to take a break.
I came inside and she did indeed make a snack for me and had a big cup of ice water for me on the table. I am 46 years old, no steady girl, no real social life most of the time and I had not had any female contact in quite a while, probably two years or so. Now I was not thinking anything about this woman in that way but after about twenty minutes of rest and her talking she asked me if she could give me a good time. I was a little surprised by her question because I would have guessed that she was in her early seventies. This time when I asked her what she was asking me, she told me that she loved to play with a mans penis and she wanted me to lay down on her bed and let her play with my penis. I honestly did not know what to say to her but she had just offered to give me a blow or hand job and I had no good reason to say no. I took a long drink of my water then looked at her and told her to lead the way and tell me where you want me. Her face actually lit up at my response and she stood right up and told me to follow her back to her bedroom.
When we got there she was so excited she turned around and asked me if she could wash me up in the shower first, I was so far gone now that I told her whatever you want to do with me I will do it. She put her hands on my chest and then started pulling my t-shirt up, I pulled it over my head then undid my pants and let everything fall to the floor. She looked very happy looking down my body and told me to come in here as she walked into the bathroom. She pulled the curtain halfway back and turned on the water, I got in and adjusted it then she went to the other side of the tub and pulled the curtain back. She told me to get nice and wet then come down here, she put a wash scrubber under the water then soaped it all up. I stood in front of her while she washed my entire body pretty much. She was having what looked like the time of her life to me.
I dried off after the shower then she told me to lay down on the bed, she crawled up onto it and once her hands were around my cock she never stopped touching it for half an hour or so. She sucked and stroked me thru two orgasms and even after the second one she did not stop playing with me. She even asked me if I was to sensitive for her to keep playing with it. I told her that I would let her know if it was to much, she sucked and stroked on me for another twenty minutes at least. I got hard again but never came close to another orgasm.
When she stopped she asked me how all that felt, I told her that she was fantastic and I really needed it after so long going without it. She then just blew my mind telling me that she was glad I still had more work to do because she wanted more play time tomorrow. I started in the morning again and my mid afternoon she was telling me it was time for a break, she winked at me when she said it to me and told me to come on down to her bedroom. I stopped what I was working on and followed her down there, once in her bedroom I undressed and she was sitting on the end of her bed watching me. She asked me to come over to her once I was nude and her hands went right to my cock. She leaned down some and licked me a little, then she told me to lay down on her bed. She used her tongue first and gave my balls and cock a bath with it, she licked and sucked my balls for quite some time making them ache a little bit actually. She then gave my shaft and head all the attention and I was having an orgasm about ten minutes later. She again kept right on sucking on me even after I came, swallowed it all and just kept on going. She then asked me if I was up for some fantasy stuff, I looked back at her with the head of my cock in her mouth and told her what ever you want to do.
I am not that kinky of a guy, pretty straight forward sexually so I had no idea where this was going to go but luckily she did not get to wild. She got up and went into her closet, she pulled out a box and in it was a few toys and rope. She told me she wanted me to tie her hands behind her back and then make her suck me. I slowly said okay and got up off the bed, she handed me the rope and turned around placing her wrist across each other, I was wrapping the rope around them and looked down into the box and saw a blindfold also. I walked her over to the foot of the bed and got her down on her knees, I reached over and picked up the blindfold and placed it on her. She did not say a word and went right along with it. I decided that I would push my luck further and I reached down to the buttons on her shirt, I started undoing them and her mouth opened up and she took a deep breath but said nothing. I pushed her shirt back over her shoulders and down her arms using it to further bind them. Her bra looked like she had it for a few years so I undid the back strap then reached into my jeans and pulled out my pocket knife. I cut the shoulder straps and let it fall to floor, she lowered her head like she was embarrassed but I played with her nipples and breasts for a few minutes then stood up and pressed my cock to her lips. I wrapped her hair up in a pony tail and began stroking in and out of her mouth, she was quite good and taking most of my cock. I then had another dirty thought cross my mind and I stopped then leaned down and started undoing her pants, I slid my hand inside and ran my fingers across her pussy lips, she was actually moist. Her breathing was faster now and she finally spoke to me and told me that she thought there was still some lube in her nightstand. I picked her up and pulled her pants and panties off then went over to the nightstand, sure enough there was a tube still in there. I pushed her over onto the bed and then picked her up onto it so she was in the doggie position, she never complained at all. I lubed up my cock and started rubbing it on her slowly in and out to get her lubed up. She was panting now as I started into her and within a few minutes was burying the whole thing into her. I reached around and found her clit and began massaging it with my fingers, she was gasping and after only about five minutes I felt her contracting around my cock and pulsating, her breathing was in short moaning gasps now with her orgasm. She was using a high voice now and told me I had to leave her clit alone but keep on thrusting into her, I lasted about a minute longer and knew I was going to have to orgasm. I pulled out and laid her on her side then back onto the floor, her mouth was already open anticipating my cock. I gave it two or three passed across her lips then pulled out and came on her face. She never closed her mouth and after I came I pushed it into her, she closed her lips around me and sucked on it hard. I can only imagine how fun this woman was during her prime because she was still a really hot sexual woman.

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    • I can really relate with this story. I did a new floor for a woman in her seventies and never even thought anything sexual about her. The woman was fit for sure, I would not have guessed she was over 70 but she did tell me. I finished up on day two and she invited me back to her bedroom for what turned out to be a really great blow job. She really drove me crazy for real when she kept right on sucking after I came, I was begging her to stop. She left my head alone for a while and licked and sucked my balls. she eventually went back to sucking on me and gave me another awesome orgasm.

    • Awesome dude. I hope you get some more.

    • So hot!

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