Friends sisters painties

When I was about 15 I had a friend that had a very cute little sister around 12or13. I had been dressing in girls painties for a few years at the time, mostly my sis and mom. But this girl was so cute I had to have a pare of her lil panties. After some thought I planed it out. I went to her room and got a small bra and a pair of pink panties out of her dresser and went the the bathroom and put them on. As I did this I seen her dirty from the day before in the hamper so I took them to sniff and lick wile playing with myself. I went out to look for her so I could see her while I was dressed in her panties, she would not know..
A few hours later I herd her mom tell her to take a bath before bed so I went to the bathroom and slide open the window just a bit in hope that I may sneek a look while she was undressing.
I went outside and waited for the light to come on and when it did I went to the window just in time to see her starting to undress. As I touched myself seeing her get undress I licked the panties I had taken from the hamper.i wanted to take the fresh ones she was now stepping out of. I had used the bathroom wile she was in the tub a time or two before so I waited and watched till she got in and quickly went inside and knocked on the door. I went in and as she sat on the other side of the closed shower door I took her fresh bra and panties out of the hamper and put her shirt and pants back so she would not see I took them.
I quickly took off the one I had on and put the fresh one she had just removed from her cute lil body on. I then went to her room and put the bra and panties I had been in most the day back in her dresser hopping she would put on when she got out of the tub. It was dark out now and I told my friend good by but I did not go home, I went back to the window to finish myself off hoping to see more of her. Soon she got out of the tub and dried off and went to her room, I made my way to her window to see if she would put on the panties I had just taken off like I did with the ones she had been in all day. Seeing her drop the towl made me so horny as I jerked off watching her put on the bra and panties I jack off in watching her get undressed.
So I came in her painties once while she undress then took them off and then put on the ones she had just take off and came again seeing her on the ones I jacked off in.
The next day I did it all over again.
I found myself doing this a few times a week I was picking out the pantie I wanted her to have on the next day.
She never did know about it.

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  • I once stole my friends sisters knickers before. I was 16 she 17 she busted me and made me sniff them while wanking till I got off then shot my load in them. She told me to lick them clean or she would have told her parents so the first time I ever tasted my cum mixed with her dried juices, I was embarrassed but it was incredible. Never did that again, what a bummer.

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