The Transition of a Strong Willed Woman

My wife used to be a strong willed bull headed woman, but I have slowly turned her around. It started slow. It has been a long road. I never thought it could happen, but it started one night. She used to yell, throw tantrums and make demands. She used to wear flannel pajamas to bed and we had sex when she wanted - once a month, if I was lucky. I'm not kidding. I live in Southern Indiana. She is in a professional position at a bank and leads many people. Today is Sunday, August 6th. But now....

My wife is a slave girl. She is sleeping with her collar on. She obeys me without hesitation. Every morning, if I am still sleeping, she wakes me by sucking on my cock. She then starts my shower and prepares my toothbrush. She listens for my shower to stop and comes to retrieve my towel for me and hands it to me. My shirt is ironed and ready for me when I get ready for work. I choose what underwear she wears to work. I also typically place a butt plug in her ass before she leaves for work. If she doesn't wear a plug I make sure her ass is lubed up so she wears lube all day and feels it.

When I get home she serves my dinner to me and waits for me to eat first. My cup is to never be empty throughout the night. She wears a collar around the house when it is appropriate. She is nude in the home when ever it is appropriate. She is not allowed body hair accept above her shoulders. When we ride in the car her skirt has to be pulled above her waist always exposing her bald pussy (this is a new demand given to her yesterday while we were driving back from Evansville. When she was told what to do, she simply responded, "Yes, Master," and did as told. Truckers love it.) She calls me Master or Daddy. Every night when we go to bed, she kneels at the bedside and waits for me to call her into bed. When she gets into bed she kneels in bed and places her hands behind her neck and says an oath to me. She is asked if she has followed all her rules (making the bed, balancing the check books, giving herself an enema) - has she followed her 5 D's - No Dangerous Situations Disrespect, Disloyal, Dishonestly, Disobedience, she isn't allowed computer time or television without permission and she is required to take a 20 minute walk every day.

She also has protocols she must follow: She must always walk to my right side and slightly behind me. I order her food when we go out and she eats what she is ordered. When she serves me food or drink she serves to my right. She waits to be dismissed and doesn't tell me that she is leaving. She must use proper manners or she will be corrected. She can not spend more than $20 without permission. All money is mine - even money she earns. She can not wander down a store aisle without permission. She has been spanked in public for disobeying me. She has about 8 "positions" that she is trained in - serve, inspect, surrender, offer, wait, take, attach and wall (wall is her hands against the wall and legs out like she is being frisked) - just sounds funny, but she is placed in her wall position when she is being punished sometimes. These are one word commands that she responds to immediately and without question. Sometimes for punishment I just make her write sentences or paragraphs - it enforces positive change. Often times she is spanked and corrected.

So, tell me about your wife, marriage and what you guys do.

If you want to know how I have taken her through the transition, and if you want to take time to be coached with your wife, write me and we will talk. Change the subject line to Slave Wife. Don't just write a one liner - tell me about your current situation.

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  • Everyone big up Christian Grey. -NOT

  • Dream big mate!

  • Why does this seem like a "dream"? - Yesterday she got lippy with me and last night we got home late. She wanted to have sex and I told her no. She said she was going to masturbate and I told her no, so she got up to get her vibrator. She has permission to masturbate, but she does not have permission to cum unless told that she can. This morning she confessed that she did cum. So, I put her in her "surrender" position, I lectured her, she understood what she did wrong - and agreed. She was then told to get on the bed in her "take" position - which is bent over with her ass in the air and face down. She then received six spankings on her bare ass. She then sucked my cock and we went on with our day. Dream? Not at.

  • I bet you're quite an asshole and shit to be around but whatever. If she digs it

  • You're dreaming lol

  • Who's dreaming? The original posting?

  • Very much so.

  • No, I wrote the original post. That is my life and that is my wife.

  • I really love my wife being in control, she is strict but not overly so at home I do most of the housework and clean our cars and take care of the lawns etc. I wear sexy panties, bras, stockings, heels and usually a Maids outfit we both like that, my wife controls any sexual activity so I have no say whatsoever even have to get her permission if I am away and need to masturbate, I like it even punishment is fun

  • OH man your got things exactly the way I would want them to be my wife is my mistress and I obey her every whim, I am locked in a chastity cage, wear nighties, panties, bras, suspenders, stockings, heels and a French Maid's outfit when at home no matter who comes over, I do all of the housework and yard chores while she just loll's around humiliating me especially if one or more of her girlfriends comes over, I would really love to turn the tables but feel I have no chance when she shaves and cleans me removing the cock cage I am always cuffed and with a leg spreader so can not escape currently I have not orgasmed for four weeks but I have to satisfy her every day, do you see any hope for me ?

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