Quarantine Desire

I have the quarantine hots for my mother in law! my mother in law has been staying with us since March 2020,my wife and I both work but I work from home thanks to covid-19 and my wife is a traveling nurse and she has been working in another state helping with the pandemic. well that leaves me and my mother in law alone at home 24/7.
In the last few months I have been checking out my Mother in law (coco) I especially enjoy the view in the morning when she is in the kitchen and the sunlight shines through her nightgown and the silohutte of her saggy breasts and permanent hard nipples (those babies are hard 24 hrs a day) they look like an inch long gum drop! And I would love to taste one! I have become more and more sexually aroused by her, maybe because she never wears a bra her silky blouses are light in color, oh yeah her breasts are a 40D, you get the picture.
She is very sweet, always helping out, and always hugging me,kisses my cheek, I especially enjoy when she goes into my office as im working and stands behind me and watches me work with those giant sagging breasts and erect nipples rest on my shoulders. I always hug her when she is cleaning or cooking. just recently I began approaching her with hugs from the back wrapping my arms around her in hope of copping a feel of her breasts and lucious nipples (wanting to taste them so bad) As I fantasize and masturbate about Coco, I think of how to make it a reality. So I came up with a game plan. I decided I wanted more than just nipples and sagging breasts I wanted the whole enchilada from head to toe and in-between. I asked Coco if she cared to have some cocktails? Her eyes lite up! Tequila and red wine! My cock actually started to swell with her response! I hugged her and kissed her cheek and off to the liquor store,I purchased 2 liters of tequila and 6 bottles of red wine,limes and a extravgent assortment of belgium chocolates, strawberry's and cheese. Wine her,Dine her and 69 her! As I arrived home I said to Coco I was going to make dinner. I poured her a glass of wine with a plate of strawberries and chocolates, now go slip into something comfortable and your set for the evening. Coco smiled gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I jokingly in a flirtatious way said to her" drink up so I could taste the wine on your lips"without hesitation she grabbed my head and planted her lips on mine! As Coco walked out the kitchen, she looked at me and said "that's a practice kiss" I better warn you know! Giggling as she walked out I heard Coco you'll see what I mean! I was not only ecstatic about what I heard but my cock was getting hard!I filled her glass up and poured 4 shots . I even forgot that I was going to make dinner, after 20 minutes Coco walked back to the kitchen, wearing a maroon colored nightgown almost like a teddy! Mmmm I could hardly keep my eyes away from those luciuos erect nipples, I said to Coco let's take a shot and get this party started! She downed the shot's like nothing took a drink of wine and said bartender 4 more shots! Coco asked me if I was going to join her at the table if not I am going to cling on to you? We downed 4 more shots I walked up to her put my arms around her hugged her real tight and kissed her cheek as I gently nibbled her on the neck,she looked at me"no! You wanted to taste my lips! I leaned in and kissed her lips (she had red lipstick on) giggled you can kiss my neck later! I looked at her in awe"if you know what I mean"we started doing shot after shot. She was leaning on me holding my arm, as I reached over to kiss her I slowly moved my hand over her saggy breasts getting my first feel, I pulled her into me as I placed one hand on her hip and the other on her ass.she cuddled into me resting her head on my chest I lowered the other hand onto her ass as I caressed her booty I noticed she wasn't wearing underwear! My cock was getting hard, Coco looked up at me" how about we move this party to the couch in the living room?"I thought you'd never ask! I grabbed the bottles and strawberries and chocolate,stood behind her put my arms around her with my hands on her saggy breasts and nipples between my fingers" kissed her neck, and headed to the living room as we walked Coco came to a stop pushed her ass into my crotch let out a girlsh giggle saying to me "now you can start kissing my neck"as we were going to sit down she pulls my head down and gives me the sexiest kiss! Tongue and all!my cock was rock hard!! I sat down pulled her onto my lap as we threw down more shots and started making out like teenagers, I put my hand into her nightgown feeling those giant 40Ds playing with her nipples I pulled out one of her sagging breasts kissing it all over as I anxiously kissed my way to those lucious nipples, I sucked on her breast like I was being breastfed! Mmmm Coco said there's another one in there that needs sucking to! as she put her hand up my shorts grabbing my throbbing hard cock"I have something to suck on to!"as I moved Coco off my lap we both stood up, I pulled her gown off her as she went down on her knees pulled down my shorts and boxers and without using her hands gobbled up my cock and began sucking on it. One hand played with my balls as the other hand she pinched my nipple, she sucked and gagged on my throbbing hard cock licking my balls. I said to Coco I want to eat your steamy dripping wet pussy so I layed on the floor and moved her ass to my face and spread her ass as I licked her ass working my tongue into her hole, Coco was moaning sucking my cock asking me to eat her pussy! I licked my way down to her pussy sucking and licking her pussy as she squirmed and moaned in ecstasy, legs trembling, I gently turned her on her back and licked her clit into orgasm,her body was trembling as she came! As I got up between her legs I kissed my way up to her lips as we passionately kissed,my throbbing hard cock slid into her steamy hot wet pussy, Coco stuck her nails in my back and let out a scream of passion as I pushed my cock deeper into her pussy in and out gradually thrusting harder and harder as she screamed"harder! harder! Fuck me!"both of us dripping in sweat from the intimate sex as if it were our first time!"turn over on all fours"she rolled over and lifted her ass in the air, I shoved my cock hard into her pussy!"Fuck the shit out of me! and I pounded her pussy with hard deep penetrating thrust's!coco was screaming with pleasure"fuck me in the ass! Fuck my ass really really hard!! I pulled my cock out of her pussy and shoved it into her ass, she let out a loud scream"I said fuck my ass really hard! pounding her ass as hard as I could she screamed as her body shook as I felt I was going to shoot my load! I grabbed Coco by the hair turned her around and shoved my throbbing hard ready to exploded cock in her mouth she started sucking on my cock when I exploded in her mouth she deep throated as much as she could and swallowed my hot cum!we both collapsed on the floor breathing and sweating as if we had just run a marathon,we cuddled and kissed, it was amazing! Coco looks at me"rest up, get some shots ready! Round Two!"

4 months ago

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