Small town history

Im from a small town. Small towns are interesting when it comes to sex, lies, and drama. Having a small group of people you associate with can make life complicated. That said I guess ill get to my story.
Darren and i had been friends since highschool. We liked to party and got along very well. As time went on we began hooking up. For years. We both continued to sleep with and even date others but somehow we always made time for our passionate hookups. I loved having sex with him, as he did me. I was so open with him and we explored our sexual youth together. It was our secret and that made it that much hotter.
Soon Darren got a girlfriend. Jamie was a fun girl and pretty. I understood why darren liked her. Her and i became friends although Darren and I still continued fuck. Back then I didn't care, we wanted our hot sex.
I got a new boyfriend and darren and i no longer saw one another. Darren continued to see Jamie and we all remained friends.
Years later Darren and Jamie moved out of state. Some friends and I went to see them. One night after everyone else went to bed Darren and I began kissing while Jamie was upstairs. Soon our hands began to wander. I wanted him. He wanted me. As I felt him go inside of me I recalled how it used to be. The kinky fun we had. I didn't think about my kids or my boyfriend of 10 years. I didn't think about Jamie or her and Darrens kids. I felt gulity after but if i was ?? honest I liked it. I loved his attention, i loved something new and forbidden.

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  • Small towns are hotbeds of secrets, and not so well-kept secrets. Everybody knows everybody's business, especially if someone is in the public eye, i.e.- elected official, coach, teacher, etc. My hot older sister was in that public eye category, plus, one of the sexiest, known people in town. Everybody knew her business. Guys followed her, both ongoings and, at times, literally, home, and women were catty, bitchy, and talked crap about her.

    One of the things people thought they were sure of about her, the rumor about her messing around with a long-time musician from town, wasn't true, but, they'd cite all sorts of so-called "facts", seeing them kissing at the towns' most popular (and keeper of secrets) bar, leaving events by themselves but meeting up in a parking lot and leaving together (parking lot, btw, also had the kissing and making out rumor attached to it), who saw his car at her apartment all night, etc.. Just a lot of crap.

    Well, I beg to advise that small town..They were correct, she really was messing around and having tons of sex with a secret guy on the side: ME. She and I started having sex early on, and kept it up when I still lived in that town. The car that looked somewhat similar, at night, to the musician guy's was, in fact..Mine. I was the one spending overnights with her in the apartment. And yes, we did steal a few, back of the bar, liplocks that may have been seen, but, that place is so dark, and the later it gets, the more drunk people are (thus, deniability). As for meeting in any parking lot and kissing/making out? That one was news to me, as we never did that. We kept our activities in private for the most part.

    Wonder what they'd think if found out the real truth, that I'm the one who's been messing around with and fucking her for so long?

  • Your sister? Yuck.

  • You gonna do it again?

  • Your exactly right about small towns. This one is one of those country towns a few hundred people and a church. Nearest store is 10 miles away. That is how my sweet blond haired cousin and I got so close. We were buddies for all our lives.

    Even though she got married her and I were still the same old us. Then she discovered her wild sexual side. Got a boob job and that pored gas on the fire. She started teasing me sexually. She made sure I would see her naked from time to time.

    Give me sex calls on the phone. Spoke to me while she had a dildo in her pussy and describe the action and feeling she was having. This stuff went on for 2 years. I called for her to stop at my house when the wife was out.
    She came in and I asked if she wanted to hot tub.

    She strips and so do I. Cutting it short I fucked her in the tub and all over the house. I told her 2 years of teasing I'm going to take it out on you. And I did.

  • I am 22 and for years teased our neighbor 38 and one day chatting with him at the fence end he said enough and took hold of me kissing my mouth and neck as he undressed me and gave me a fucking I will never forget as long as I live. In no time at all he had me cumming on him and I couldn't quit, legs shaking, hell my whole body was convulsing on him and after cumming in me the second time he rolled me over and started to rub his still hard cock against my ass and I told him no but I was pushing back against him and he entered my anus and god I was amazed I took all 8 inches of him in me there and he fucked me good once again cumming in me deep. He layed down upon me keeping himself in me and I remember squeezing him and he told me if I didn't stop he was going to fuck me again and again. I didn't stop and he did what he said he was going to do.
    For the past year we have been getting together almost daily and from 9 am till almost 4pm all we do is fuck, I'm sure we're going to get caught one of these days but for now I get his cock and that's what I've always wanted.

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