Playing with my bestfriend

So, when ever I come to my best friends house, we touch each other. We are both female and the same age but no one knows about us. I don't even know what we are. We make out naked, touch sometimes, but not the vagina. I'm dominate and she loves that. We even took pictures of our selves naked. I don't know if we had sex, we just make out naked and play with each other's breasts. Her name is Ashley. If anyone found out omg

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  • Im almost 12 and me and my best friend keep touching each others vaginas and boobs. Im embarassed because i have no hair on my vagina and mom wont even buy me a training bra. My friend megan has a little bit of hair. I feel bad but it feels nice when we touch each other.

  • It's good to not have any hair! If you don't have a bra, that's easy, so you don't have to take anything off! You are lucky you don't have any of those problems yet!

  • But its embarassing that i dont have hair because im 12 in january. But i always feel tingley in my vagina. Are you a boy or girl...

  • I'm a girl, in the one who wrote that post:)

  • Tanx and whats your name. Im clowie. it is embarassing but because my best friend megan even has a little bit of hair and i dont have any. How old are you. I got into trouble at school yesterday and when i got home my mom freaked out and was going crazy like. She even pulled me over her lap and pulled down my skirt and panties and spanked me. I hate her and now im grounded till friday. It was not even my fault. But
    at least i get to still have sleep over at megans on saturday..

  • Hi tanx. Whats your name. It realy is embarassing not haveing any hair down there and not even haveing a training bra yet. As said my best friend megan even has a little bit down there. How old are you. Im haveing a sleep over at her house on saturday and cant wait. I got into touble at school yesterday and im grounded till weekend. Mom spanked me before bed. Shes a bitch and it was not even my stupid fault..

  • Isn't it time you got on with it

  • Wtf stop with the pet names...

  • Honey take the best of both worlds, start seriously playing sex with Ashley you will both love it heaps, if you want cock get a nice boyfriend but don't shag about with everyone in town, when you are comfortable let him know about your female relationship it is a lot better if you are honest, have a nice, sexy time Love

  • Well sweetie would you prefer to be in just a lesbian relationship with Ashley or do you want to try bi with boys as well ?

  • What are you trying for darling bi or lesbian ?

  • Your a real Honey, you are just right for a bi or lesbian relations I can tell, your going to be the best sexiest little plaything/girlfriend ever start exerting your dominance and playing with her breasts, cunt and arse ensure she licks you out, you both will have so much fun, let us know how things are going xxx

  • Your post is very sexy I really like it you have a jacking off to thoughts of you playing with your friend I would like to play with both of you can chat with me about it

  • If you want pictures of us together tell me your email. She is fine taking pictures and videos together by the way.

  • How old are you? The way you write sounds like you're really young. Thats a disturbing thought.

  • My age is 26

  • You can send pictures of you girls to

  • I never had a threesome before. What do you wanna hear about us?

  • Sweetie your bi or lesbian attracted, you will find that having a sexual relationship with your girlfriend is a wonderful thing, start playing with her nipples and vagina you both will soon naturally know what you like xx

  • I hope she allowes me to do this, thanks!

  • Honey your the dominant one start acting like it OK

  • I will love to hear about the slave one

  • Ni🅱🅱a what

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