Camping with the family

When the kids were younger we did a lot of camping, this one camp site we went to had a really noisy family pitched two spaces away from us.
The woman of this noisy family guessing 45 had a good figure, she always had clothes showing as much skin as possible.
Think it was the third day of camping and I went to the communal shower block and as I walked in I heard a psst I look round and it was the woman of the noisy family her door was slightly open the she waved at me saying come here, I walked towards her and before I could ask is all ok she pulled me into her shower and locked the door, she said come on we don’t have much time.
She dropped her towel to the floor and was completely naked she was pulling my shorts down saying come on get it in me, it all happened so quick I didn’t think and just got on with it, she had one foot on the stool and I was fucking her from behind I just went as fast as I could and cum inside her.
The second I had finished cumming she opened here door, looked left and right and said it’s ok you can go.
This happened two more times before she left.

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  • Wife Molly and I were staying at a cool Beach Hotel and Casino. After returning from the beach when go to the top floor pool and take a dip. Then I'd take my shower there so Molly could the room shower for herself. 3rd day we get to the pool and it's closed for a chlorine problem. Tell Molly I can still take my shower here. Then my mischievous wife says I can join you, no one else will be here.
    It's about the neatest place to take a shower, on top floor - no roof -- awesome ocean view --There is this table with towels on it -- we spread some out and have sex on it. I'm doing her doggy style so we both have ocean view. Molly: OMG I hear the shower running. A guy yells out 'enjoy what your you're doing, i won't bother you and I'm the only other one here.' Worried I lose my boner and and Molly starts blowing me "don't worry about him - just fuck me.' I get back up and she's like a Dollar Nigh whore now. I mount her again and the guy comes out -- well my horny wife starts to suck his dick,. I was a little pissed at myself for not stopping it -- but she was like OMG that was so crazy awesome -- but we can't tell anybody -- i"m such a whore. She's a saint.
    Molly getting Spit Roast 40 years ago.

  • I ended up giving a few bjs at the campground when I was a younger boy

  • That's the great thing about campgrounds. There's usually a trashy slut around somewhere.

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