My husband has no clue

I walk every morning and am usually gone for at least 90 minutes. During the week this is not a problem because he is gone to work by the time I return. I met up with someone who lives in our subdivision one morning and he and I have been walking together most mornings, he lives alone and is probably twenty five years older than I am. It all started out pretty normal, he invited me over for a snack after one of our walks and we would either go to his place or mine after walking and have water, fruit and some good conversation.
One morning though even before I started out on my walk I was really turned on sexually, I started walking and just the movement was getting me going. I met up with Brian and for some reason I kept looking at his legs and butt and thought this guy is in great shape. We went to his house that morning and I went into the restroom right away because I had to for one reason. I took my t-shirt off and when I stood up by the sink I noticed that my nipples were faintly visible thru my workout bra, this triggered something because my first thought was to keep my shirt off and tell him I was really hot this morning for some reason.
I walked out onto his back patio and hung my shirt across a chair back, I was right my nipples were visible because his eyes went right to them. I began eating some fruit and we began talking about what ever the topic was for the day. I was keeping myself upright on purpose and I kept stretching my arms telling him my back just was not right today. I then asked him the most obvious question, I asked him if he was any good at massage. He told me he was certainly no professional but he could try to workout my muscles if I wanted him to do it.
We went inside and I looked around, I then asked him which way to the bedroom because I did not want to lay on the hard floor. He led the way and I had a tingle going up my spine thinking, wow I was really going to do this. He was going to use lotion but I asked him if he had some vegetable or baby oil, he actually had some baby oil, he was not sure how old it was but it was oil. I laid down and he went to work rubbing my back, he actually was pretty good at it. I kept telling him to rub right wear the back of my bra was at then finally in fake frustration I told him to hold on and I reached down while still laying on my front side and slid my bra off of me. I told him there now you can rub me without interference. He did so and I was getting more turned on by the minute, I asked him if he was okay with doing my lower back and hips and he just told me whatever I needed he was willing. I reached down and pulled my shorts and panties about half way off my bum. I told him that I always get this knot on either side of the base of my spine. He simply said uh huh and went right to work rubbing.
He massaged me for a few minutes then without a word he worked his hands under my shorts and slid them the rest of the way off my bum and gave me a great bum rub. I told him to just remove them all the way and massage what ever he wanted on me. He took me right up on that and gave me one hell of a great body rub down. I rolled over and it took about five minutes of massaging the front side of me and he was between my thighs with my legs spread wide. It felt amazing and he is just as great now as back then at oral, he kisses and licks every inch of me all the time. I feel worshiped every time I am with him.

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  • I am 23 married to a wonderful man but what I truly love is our 58 year old neighbor who worships the ground I walk on and tells me so every time I am with his after playing tennis for three hours and his hands do wonders to me and I usually end up being nude as well as him.

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  • I hating cheating women !

  • Too bad, cause I LOVE 'EM

  • I lived in an upstairs-downstairs apartment years ago, with a revolving door of tenants downstairs, but, for a short time..Hot, blonde biker chick. Gorgeous woman, sexy, had the long, jet-red nails..Damn, she was amazing. The apartment wasn't big enough for two people, so, her bf didn't move in. My gf at the time didn't live with me, but always had an eye on "the blonde chick downstairs". Very jealous.

    Though I swore up and down I never touched the hot blonde neighbor, I lied. "Kim" (name change) was also super-sweet, flirty, and taking massage therapy courses to get certified. We'd chat often (more often than her bf or my gf ever knew), and she'd give me the best, full-body, long-nailed massages I still ever had in my life.. I'd get hard for her, between her being so damn hot and sexy, and the feel of her hands and nails all over me, and she not only got used to it, she felt failure if I didn't harden up and "put a dent in the couch" as she used to say.

    The nice thing was, right before she moved out, she came upstairs and gave me a goodbye fucking.. Just one, I'm not saying it was many times, all night, etc.. Just one time, but was worth the wait.

    After her..Ugh..Landlord's ugly, bitchy daughter moved in..What a drop-down from hot blonde biker chick who gave me full body massages...

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