Her dad time

A lady friend of mine talks to me about everything. Last year she was telling me about Dr. Who, when she was 4-5 years old her dad never missed a show. One day he had her come to his room and watch it with him. She said he was rubbing her back and head and asked her if she liked it she said yes daddy. So he started to rub her legs and he had her stand up and he took off her panties. She sat back down and he was then rubbing her clit and inserting a finger in. She said she liked it, and he kept going then he took off his pants and told her to rub him. Then he had her licking his dick and then he shoot white stuff on her face and mouth. He told her to lick it all up. Then she said he did this until she was 16 then he started to fuck her. She tried telling mom but mom joined in then . Now she has her own place and she gives oral to couples.

9 months ago


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    • I know a woman who lives in Yelm,Was.that has the same story and she got married when she was 18 and moved away she is now in her 50's. And has a son and a daughter. She always says that dad always had sex with her during Dr. Who!

    • Many father's and daughter have sex

    • 5 is far too young for sexual activity between a father and daughter. He is should of waited for her to be at least 16.

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