Why don't I say something

Came home about an hour early yesterday , walked in like normal. I even yelled out honey I'm home . I grabbed a drink sat down and turned on the TV. I then could hear some noise like someone was hanging pictures on the wall. Not in any rush I put my drink down and started up the stairs. Half way up my stomach dropped , it sounded like someone was literally punching my wife in the stomach , ah grh ah grh getting faster and faster faster banging on the wall became louder. I knew what I was about to see. As I got to the top of the stairs I could see a man long dicking her. She was on her back legs up and almost bent in half as he was just fucken going at it. I stood like a fool saying nothing, completely motionless until I heard him say I'm going to cum in you,you fucken slut. Then she said yes yes cum. I watched his body shivering as he was cumming in her. I went down stairs got in my car and drove around the block. Totally confused I called her and said I'll be home in a few minutes. She says great and she loved me and that the neighbor came over and fixed the carpet that was peeling up in the corner of the bed room . I didn't know what to say except for great. I have not brought my self to question her or say anything. But I have snuck around and found out that he comes over almost every day and sometimes two or three times a day. I feel like a complete looser.

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  • You loved it! all cucks do;)

  • Hmm. don't worry the feeling to talk will come back again and again to prove that guy wrong this time.

  • My neighbor has been coming over just about the time my husband leaves for work and has coffee with me in the morning as I wake up, I am not a morning person but I always get up to fix my husband breakfast and kiss him good by and times when Larry is sitting at the table Jim will take hold of me ass as he kisses me picks me up so he raises my night gown up clear off of my bare ass and holds me tight to his lips not wanting to let me go when I break his kiss my ass still showing I tell him to hurry home and kiss his cheek as he walks out the door.
    Still standing in the door way waving to my husband as he backs out of the drive way I turned to see Larry with his hard cock in his hand slowly jerking himself off walking towards me and then I realize to late tho my night gown is still way up over my ass and I wore nothing beneath it and there was my bare ass showing to Larry.
    Larry started in kissing me and in no time I started in responding my body began to give me away but when Larry took my night gown off of me and there I was nude before him he became a animal, he was totally dominate over me telling me what to do and I did it willingly without question.
    Since that first time Larry has been coming over just about the time my husband leaves for work and spending all of the time with me when my husband goes on road trips for the company and Larry says I have the tightest pussy he's ever had and my ass is beyond words. He fucks me analy just about daily only letting me recover from a hard fucking before he takes me again and again. The first time he came in me he bellard like a bull cumming in a calf and I placed my mouth over his to kinda quiet him and just at that moment I came I mean I came in a leg jerking orgasm that seemed to go on forever. Our lips still together he kisses me back and starts fucking me all over again.

  • Get some voice activated recorders and a motion detecting camera. This is how I caught my ex wife with her best friend.

  • I have 3 cameras now I only have one set up , it's so blurry I can't make anything out. I have a guy that is coming over to set up the others and try to fix that one. She won't be home until this evening

  • Check her panties. If they're wet and smell like cum, then bring it up

  • I bet his loads taste good

  • I wouldn't know

  • I would get some evidence first, a vid if possible before you expose your wife.
    Keep the evidence a secret just in case things go to shit in your marriage.

  • Good advice guy , I do have access to tiny video cameras

  • Also, sue the neighbour for something like trauma or whatever. Make him pay too as it takes two.

  • Oh I don't know if I could afford an additional attorney if it goes that far , but I'm sure his wife will be very interested in seeing the pictures and videos if I get some

  • Join in next time and have him ram her mouth down over your cock while he is shoving his into her.

  • Sorry you feel that way but I am hard as a rock thinking about you just standing there as some guy fucks the hell out of your wife.

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