My friend needed help so did I

My friend since high school asked me for a big favor, I had no problem helping her out. She was very grateful and said I owe you, if you need anything I can do let me know. I said really anything? She sensed right away that I wanted sex from her. What do you want to fuck me or something she asked. Yea well to be honest I've always wanted to fuck you, I know it's insane asking for this from you but it's something I'd love to do with you more than anyone. She smiled and said yea, we can do that. We made a date, we went out for dinner and she acted like she was my girlfriend. She held my hand eveywhere, she kissed me a lot and then I took her home, she gave me all of her. We had a great time together and we are closer than ever, we date and fuck every week and it's turning into a real relationship. I sense she's very happy being with me and for me she's a dream come true. There is nothing I wouldn't do for her. She shows me so much affection I love her sudden kisses, her hand rubbing my back, the feeling she gives me is pure love and passion. I never had this in my life, not like this I am so fucking lucky to have her. What turns me on the most is how much she loves me.

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  • Good for you guys! :)

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