How would would you catch her

I have noticed for months used rubbers and condom boxes in the garbage. I assumed they were my teenage sons. I have asked my wife about it , of course she denied it. Now they are much much more hidden, I find them inside other garbage all balled up. I know they are not my son's because he was gone for two week's and there was a ton of them in the garbage when he was gone. I have tried sneaking home early in the afternoon and driving by when I can but never see other cars there. How would you people try and find out what the hell is happening.

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  • I have the proof I need now I took some advice and bought a cheap hidden camera that is motion activated I have everything on film

  • So what's the damage? Is it one guy or more? If my wife decided to fuck around behind my back, she'd be kicked out of the house immediately. I would never let my woman disrespect me like that.

  • More than one I just don't know what or how to say anything

  • I suppose I'm just a idiot but I can't kick out or break up. Meanwhile the hidden cameras keep working.

  • Her bags would have been packed and on the curb after I found one used condom . Time to toss her out! Where did all these spineless men who are afraid to get rid of a cheating whore come from?

  • So just curious how many have you found

  • In the beginning I find one here and one there Now I'm finally in as many as four or even five At a time

  • Hahahahaha your wife is a whore everyone is fucking her. She has probably let you eat her used pussy and you didn't even know

  • If you are finding used condoms in the trash while she is the only one home what more proof do you need that she is fucking other men. If you are looking to record her for divorce proceeding I can understand wanting advice on spy cams. Other than that take the condoms out of the trash and throw them in that nasty bitches face and tell her to get the fuck out!

  • I'm almost there bud , it's hard for me I love her and shes gorgeous. It's very hard for me

  • I just drove by I couldn't stop I'm with some work guy's. There's a pick up ( white ) and a car looked like it was beet up a little had different colors on it. She's not answering her phone. I wish I had someone I could trust to go there right now.

  • Do a steak out. Take the day off work without telling her. Go rent a car so she doesn't recognize yours. The stake out the house. Taking pictures and video. Put a nanny cam in certain spots. This old fashioned detective work. Then say gotcha bitch.

  • Thanks for the ideas guy's

  • Google "spy cams" or "nanny cams." You can easily rig them up in your house to secretly record what's going on while you're away. Many even offer live streaming to your computer or smartphone. Have fun!

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