(M)Chubby 20 year old into older men, the older the better

Hi guys I’m a 20 year old looking for older men to chat with.
I love to give head and to Swallow.
If your fat or chubby that’s a plus it’s such a turn on for me. So how I got into sucking cock was pretty fun actually. I was out driving around when I seen this homeless guy so I asked him if wanted to drive around with me and he said yes so we started driving around for a bit(I’ll just jump to the good part) so I ask if I could suck his cock and he said yes and I was so happy because I’ve been wanting to suck on some cock and he was going to be my first. And when he pulled it out I put it in my mouth and felt it slowly get bigger and bigger so by this time we were already parked and I sucked him off for 30 to 40 minutes until he busted in my mouth and I swallowed every single bit of it.... so yeah let’s chat? We can talk more I love to talk dirty

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  • I discovered I was good at sucking dick. I don't know how I developed this skill because I haven't sucked that many dicks. But whenever I do guys always end up cumming in my mouth. And it doesn't take me long either. I can be swallowing cum in just a few minutes after I start. They always tell me how good I am. I don't know how this happened.

  • I have only ever been with one man. He is old enough to be my father, and a little on the heavy side. I am tall and skinny, and it was so hot how big his cock was next to mine. I am 6", but he made mine look tiny. I was so horny and scared.

  • Where are you, cutie? I’m 280 lbs, 39 years old, looking for some ass

  • How fat do you like them? I'm only about 180lbs with a chubby dad bod, but I'd love to get fed and fattened up even fatter while getting sucked off

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