I am the father of my best friends three kids.

Tom my best friend was dating a woman named Cindy for a long time. One night we where at party and Tom got a little drunk so I helped him to bed to sleep it off. Cindy was still up but she had a few too many and was acting stupid and slutty so I decided to keep an eye on her for my friend.
One guy was really hitting hard on her so I warned him off. Basically told him to walk away or be carried away. At the end of the night we packed Tom up and drove him home. All the way Cindy was making suggestive comments, Tom was too out of it to notice. We got him home and in bed and I attempted to drive her to her place. Halfway there she reached over and grabbed my crotch. I didn't fight it when she pulled it out and started sucking on it. Of all that would happen in the next ten years that is what I am most ashamed of. Letting her suck me on that drive home.
I came just as we pulled into her apartment complex, nearly hitting the gate. She just sat back up, wiped off her lips, got her bag and got out. I watched as she opened her door and went in not even looking back. I thought to myself, asshole you just pumped your best friends girlfriends mouth full of cum. Very early the next morning Tom called and thanked me for taking care of him and for getting Cindy home safe. Man, I felt guilty but decided to never say anything.
Later that day the doorbell rang and there was Cindy. She came over to beg me to not tell Tom what had happened, she said she loved him and it would destroy him. Seeing her like that, all vulnerable and begging got me excited. I know, any kind of decent man and friend would have not taken advantage of this but clearly I am not that guy.
I said well, maybe we could work something out. I guess it was my smile, my expression or maybe because I had reached down and grabbed my crotch but she knew immediately what I meant. I think I even saw a tear come down her face as she dropped to her knees. I mean she already sucked it once so what is one more time?
I unzipped and pulled it out and she went right to work. I was only expecting to let her suck it but I just got all dominant and told her to strip. Cindy is rather well submissive. She also has a great body and had a nice tight pussy. I did her right there on the floor, her ass in the air and face in the carpet. It didn't take me long to cum and after I did I remembered something. Tom said they always used condoms because she could not take the pill!
I didn't think much of it for a couple of months then Tom came up to me and told me she was pregnant. He thought some had slipped past the rubber but I suspected my full load had done the trick. They had set a date for the wedding and he wanted me to be best man. I thought, dude yes I am already the best man. She hardly talked to me while all this was going on. When we would meet she would avoid my eyes. One night I got her alone and asked her, is it mine? She just looked at me and didn't say anything. I knew she thought it was.
They married and had the baby. Tom told me they where looking to have another but the doctor told him his sperm count was so low it was nearly impossible. The next day I stopped by when I knew Cindy would be alone and "offered" my sperm for their next baby. She looked horrified but when I said well maybe it is time to come clean with Tom she just dropped her head.
I took her on their bed that day and many times afterwards. A few months later they where expecting again.
Still Tom had no idea. A few years later I gave them the third child and now I am thinking maybe they need another? They all look like me but Tom and I share so many characteristics maybe he will never find out his best friend is also the guy that cuckolded him three times, so far.


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  • It's easy to beat up on yourself for being a scum bag. But then, there is a good chance that Tom would never be a father. They would be a couple, but have no family. You have given them a family. And even if she feels shame, she may also be aroused from the dominance [since she's a sub].

    A case can certainly be made that you're a scumbag. But I'd rather she recognize the gift and accept what has happened with gratitude.

  • Your mother would be so proud! Where did you learn that women held so little value?

  • By really getting to know them?

  • I say just keep breeding her. See how many babies you can pump in to his slut. You're doing him a favor.

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